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Dyson V7 cordless vacuums have built-in batteries which provide you with enough power during cleaning. At the time it was launched it was considered one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. Even when you compare Dyson V7 with the newer models in the market today, this 100 air watts beast is much stronger and in the mid-price range.

After years of use, you may feel your Dyson V7 is not performing as well as before. The simple solution to this problem is to replace the battery. This simple solution for sure will bring a few extra years for your Dyson V7.

Features and Specifications of Dyson V7 Battery

Dyson V7 cordless vacuum cleaner has an OEM battery. It has 6 lithium-ion 3.6 V cells which are connected in series to give you a total of 21.6V. Dyson provides you with two ways to charge your battery. The easy way is to recharge using the original battery charger while your vacuum cleaner is in the charging station. The other way is to directly plug your charger into the battery.

The brand-new Dyson V7 battery can last up to 30 minutes in normal vacuum mode. In its highest suction mode, which is 100 Air watts all boost mode at last up to only 6 minutes.

Here is a tip for you in any vacuum cleaner only use it to boost more when it is a necessity.

You may notice Dyson V7 cordless vacuum doesn’t have the snap-in battery as many other vacuum cleaners do. But don’t worry it is still very easy to replace it with the help of a simple screwdriver. It has three screws with the help of which it is semi-permanently fixed.

The quality of the Dyson V7 battery is far superior to the other brands. It has high discharge cells and is of medium capacity which allows them to efficiently withstand discharge high currents. Some Dyson V7 owners are using the same battery for more than 4 years and still get decent performance.

Do you need to replace Dyson V7 Battery?

Before changing the battery, it is important to know if you’re old battery is still efficient and has some life left. Sometimes other issues like dirty air filters blockage in air pathways can be the reason behind the limited performance of your Dyson V7 cordless vacuum.

Because of the above reason, I would recommend you to 1st check your air filters, air pathways, and the unit itself.

OEM or Non-OEM Battery – which new Dyson V7 Battery to choose?

You can choose from the original Dyson V7 battery which is an OEM battery, or you can buy a non-OEM battery which is from another manufacturer. The two simple things differentiating these batteries are our price and performance.

Even though the original battery from Dyson is more expensive It is the technology that is tested end comes with one year of limited warranty. This will be much more suitable for you if you use boost mode often end price is not an issue for you.

There are many alternative non-OEM Dyson V7 battery replacements available in the market from different manufacturers. Be careful to choose from them as the performance varies differently. In this case, I would recommend you to first check the reviews both positive and negative and decide accordingly. Also, take note of how much is the capacity and discharge current of the new battery.

Sometimes customers complain about low performance in boost mode when they choose batteries from another manufacturer. That is why it is important to check the reviews where people are mentioning performance in boost mode end of course check if the replacement battery is compatible with your Dyson original battery charger.

Another important point to note here is that a high-capacity battery doesn’t mean it is good. Often high capacity means low to medium discharge current, this decreases the performance in boost mode.

How to Replace Dyson V7 Battery

The replacement of the Dyson V7 battery is a very simple process. I have written the steps below with the help of which you can easily replace the battery. Also, there is a video below in case you are comfortable with the video step-by-step process of replacing the V7 Dyson cordless battery.

Only three screws are holding your battery first one is above the charging port and the other two are below the battery.

Locate these three screws and remove them while holding the battery.

Now you can easily detach your old battery. Slide in the new battery end and screw back 3 screws in their position.

Important to properly recycle the old battery so make sure that you do it according to your regulations. Another point to note here is to recharge your new battery before the very first use. The reason behind this is most companies transport lithium batteries in semi-charged conditions because of safety reasons.


Dyson V7 cordless vacuum cleaner is considered by many people one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners. If your vacuum cleaner is in good condition but lacking in performance, I would recommend you to first check the issue.

Sometimes it can be blocked air pathways, Air filters, or simply the battery. In any of these conditions, it is better to use your old unit rather than spend more money to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

The choice of a replacement battery depends entirely on your preference.