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The Dyson V11 Outsize is a great vacuum and it is worth every penny. This powerful machine has the most suction out of any other model in its class, but there are some pros and cons that come with this purchase too. The first pro to mention is how easy it was for me to use two removable batteries on board that allowed my cleaning time to go almost double as long without having to recharge or worry about dead battery life mid-cleanup!

It also had better performance due to more power being supplied by these bigger canisters (which I loved). Bigger bin size means less frequent vacuuming because you will not have re-empty your cleaner nearly as often as models from competitors who offer smaller dust catcher.

In this post I will do an in-depth review of the new Dyson V11 Outsize. After putting it through a lot of tests, now be sure that this is worth every penny!

Dyson V11 Outsize 


  • Wider cleaning head
  • Strong suction power and performance
  • Real-time LCD screen
  • Massive bin size


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to maneuver
  • Expensive

Physical Design

Let us start with the basic stuff first. The outsize in V11 Outsize is because it has some massive features. This model has a 150% bigger dustbin in comparison to V11 Torque and Animal. Even though the bin is bigger, it operates in the same as the previous versions. 

Its floor head is also 25% bigger with a dimension of 12.5 inches wide. In terms of size, a wider floor head is useful as it gets the job done quickly but has some cons too. 

Since the V11 Outsize version head is not that agile as its predecessors in tight spaces. If you consider the power, the bigger feature makes sense. 


The Outsize version like other V11 versions has three power settings. For keeping things single we will call them high, medium, and low power settings. 

In the test, measure suction and airflow on various power settings at the various places on the vacuum. In our results it is the most powerful cordless vacuum I know of in the market. 

V11 Outsize Power: Suction and Airflow

Suction: 112”

Airflow at head

  • Low setting: 58 CFM
  • Medium setting: 32 CFM
  • High Setting: 28 CFM

Cordless Stick vacuums: Airflow @ head

Dyson V11 outsize: 58 CFM

Dyson V11: 49 CFM

Jimmy: 46 CFM

Dyson V10: 43 CFM

Dyson V8: 41 CFM

Tineco: 37 CFM

Lg cord zero: 36 CFM

Moosoo XL-818B: 36 CFM

Simplicity S65: 36 CFM

Shark Rocket cordless: 33 CFM

According to the manufacturer, the Outsize version has 20% more power than the previous version. The thing to note here is that even Dyson’s previous version was way ahead in terms of power than any other cordless vacuum.

Check our comparison of V11 Animal, Torque and Outsize. 


If you are wondering what good all that power is then the first thing I would say carpet deep cleaning. Cordless vacuum cleaners need to have a lot of power to get that dirt which hides at the bottom of carpets. 

The Outsize model gave an impressive performance in the deep clean test. It was able to take out 100 grams of sand from medium pile carpet efficiently. 

This model also gave an impressive performance in the crevice pickup test. In this test we use 1/4 and 1/8 inches crevices. This model was able to pick up debris from both the crevices in the first forward pass with its high power mode. 

In short, it shows it has high airflow as well as an excellent seal on hard floors.


Dyson makes some of the best batteries in the industry. Even the Dyson V11 previous version V11 Torque has the most power to battery life ratio. 

For Dyson Batteries was such an advantage that other companies start offering two batteries in the box. By giving two batteries other companies could claim longer battery life numbers than Dyson. 

Well not only Dyson built a better battery, but they also made it removable with the click of the button. This is something that will take Dyson more near the perfection mark. 

With the Outsize model, you get two of these batteries. This is one of the most impressive battery upgrades I have seen for a long time. 

There is a lot of variations in battery life because of different power settings and different attachments. Below are some of the numbers from the Dysons. Note that in our research these numbers even outperform the official numbers. 

Battery life with cleaner head on the hard floor 

  • Low setting: 60 x 2= 120 minutes
  • Medium setting: 40 x 2= 80 minutes
  • High setting: 5 x 2= 10 minutes

With the extra battery, there is no better option out there if battery life is important for you. 

LCD screen 

Like the previous version V11 Torque drive, V11 Outsize has some advanced features like an LCD screen. With an LCD screen, you can check the remaining battery life in real-time depending on the power setting and the attachment. 

You can also change the power setting and see other notifications like blockages and demos of for example how to remove blockages. Believe me, the LCD screen is really useful, and I am sure many other cordless vacuums will have this feature in the near future. 

The advanced feature in the Outsize version is the sensor in the cleaner head. It can sense what kind of surface you are vacuuming. If you are in auto mode, this sensor automatically adjusts the suction. For example it will have more suction for the carpets and less for the hard floors. 

The battery number will change according to the current attachment and the suctşon power in real-time. The advantage of this is the efficiency, you get the best possible clean with the longest possible battery life. 


Another pro of the V11 outsize model is its sealed system with the HEPA filtration system. This is something which probably you will only find in the high-end cordless vacuum cleaners. 

The sealed system means it will not leak when the vacuum is up and it keeps the air clean as it was when you start vacuuming. 


The outsize version of Dyson V11 comes with a lot of attachments and tools. Apart from the standard suction type attachments, it comes with a mini motorized tool. 

This mini motorized tool is useful for small jobs like cleaning upholstery or cars. It comes with the wall mount and two different chargers for the two different batteries. 

This is something which not every company think to provide probably in order to save some margin. 

Pickup test

As far as the pickup test, the Outsize version of V11 gave an impressive performance. It was able to clean a variety of debris with different types and sizes in both carpets and the hard floor. This model manages to handle everything from fine to extra large debris. 

Also, note that like V10 and previous versions of V11, its cleaner head has adjustable gates that can be open all the way. This allows it to clean the larger debris but it reduces the seal a little bit. 

Personally I like to keep them open unless I am specifically deep cleaning carpets. 

Also, one thing I noticed is that it has no trouble with extra-large debris getting stuck in the intake. This was one con of some of Dyson’s previous models such as Dyson V10. But I guess larger size means larger air intake is the reason why extra-large debris doesn’t get stuck in the intake. 

Cons of Dyson V11 outsize

In the negative stuff, let us start off with the obvious which is the weight. The handle of V11 outsize is 5 pounds and 6 ounces. This means it is one pound heavier than the V11 Torque version and two pounds heavier than the V10 model. 

But when you vacuum with it for a long time in real, you will only notice the stress on your finger because of holding the trigger. If you switch arms from time to time, then probably you will not feel any strain on your forearms or finger. 

Another almost con is with the cleaning of extra thick carpets. Because of the high suction it becomes kind of hard to push when cleaning thick carpets. 

The V11 Outsize version is also kind of loud in maximum power although not as loud as other V11 versions. 

In the hair tangle test, it is good but not very impressive. With one gram of 14 inches of hair, it tangled almost 35% of the hair on the brush. 

Finally, let’s talk about the price. Dyson V11 Outsize is in the high-end price segment and an expensive vacuum cleaner. 


Although Dyson V11 outsize comes with a heavy price tag, it is one of the kind in the market. 

It dominates the other cordless vacuum cleaners in the market with the best power, performance, and battery life numbers. 

In short, If you can afford it then go for it because you will definitely not regret your purchase.