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Furniture in wood or engineered wood beautifully grace the decor of your house. Be it your pretty coffee table, your luxurious king size bed or the eye-catchy sofa set it has always poured in so many compliments for you. In return, it only demands to care so that it is long lasting and serves for yearsBelow you will find the list of care instructions for wood furniture.

Wooden furniture needs proper care to remain in good condition for several years with its finish intact.

Here are some important points that should be kept in mind –

  • Keep your wooden furniture away from the sunlight.  The ultraviolet rays of the sunlight damage the finish of the furniture and the wood can get bleached if exposed regularly.
  • If the furniture is placed in such a corner that it gets exposed, limit the exposure by curtains, drapes or blinds during the daytime.
  • Dust your furniture regularly with a soft clean cotton cloth.
  • Do not keep alcohol, other alcoholic solutions, and nail paint remover near your wooden furniture. These can cause harm to your furniture.
  • Always use coasters or mats to keep any hot object on the wooden furniture as it may get damaged by causing white rings or spots.
  • To avoid any scratches on your furniture, try to keep it away from any sharp or pointed items.
  • Never drag your wooden furniture. Always lift the furniture as sliding furniture could hurt the floor with scratches and damage furniture legs by applying too much pressure sideways.
  • Do not use excess water to clean your wooden furniture. Water may leave stains and also cause wood to swell or warp.
  • It is advisable to maintain consistent humidity levels inside the rooms to minimize seasonal expansion and contraction of wood.
  • If using wooden outdoor furniture, make sure you place it under shade when it’s too sunny or rainy. You can add life to your outdoor furniture by caring for it.
  • Don’t use harsh chemical solutions on your wooden furniture or floor unless recommended by your furniture dealer. Using chemicals can cause patches and color difference on the wood base.

Extra Care instructions for Wood Furniture

  • If you notice that your wooden furniture is being attacked by termites, immediately take out that part from the furniture and burn it away. Termite can harm your entire furniture, if not stopped at the right time.
  • If you notice some part of the furniture shaking or cracking, immediately get it fixed.

Extra care instructions for Veneers

  • If you see that the veneer furniture is scratched, chipping off or cracking from any place, get the touch up done as soon as possible.
  • Always wipe the furniture in direction of the wood grain. Do not rub the surface.


These simple and easy care tips will make your furniture look clean and new as ever. Your wooden furniture will last longer and serve you for years when you take proper care of it.

Hope you liked our care instructions for wood furniture. Do you have any more tips? write in the comments below.