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Sheesham wood is known for its durability, natural rich grains, and longevity. Unlike the board furniture, Sheesham wood features natural grains that vary from piece to piece, thus making each and every piece unique and beautiful. Below you will find the list of care instructions for Sheesham wood.

Almost any furniture, be it a bed, coffee table, sofa sets, cabinet or end tables, all can be crafted with Sheesham wood.

Care Instructions for Sheesham Wood Furniture

  • Protect the furniture from direct sunlight and exposure to temperature variations. The color of the furniture may fade if exposed to direct heat and sunlight.
  • The furniture should also not be exposed to humidity changes. Moisture may lead to expanding and contracting the wood.
  • Always use mats and coasters to keep any food item on the furniture. Do not keep any hot item on the furniture directly. If liquid spills over it, immediately wipe it with a sponge.
  • Sheesham wood has a beautiful grained texture. Regular dusting should be done to take care of the furniture. Use a slightly moistened cotton cloth so that all dirt is grabbed on to the cloth.
  • The furniture should be polished from time to time. This will let the furniture shine and add life to it.
  • Pull the furniture away from heat sources like fire places or radiators to prevent the furniture from warping.
  • Alcohol, deodorants and perfumes should not be used near the furniture as it may harm the finish of the wood.
  • Do not use excess water to clean your wooden furniture. Only a few drops can clean the furniture. Excess water may leave stains and also cause wood to swell or warp.
  • To get a premium finish, apply a natural beeswax polish, using a dry cloth and buff up ensuring any excess wax is removed.


The furniture is expensive and can look wonderful for years. So take proper care of the sheesham furniture and let it make your home a picture perfect place for years. Tell us about your care instructions for Sheesham wood.

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