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When talking about furniture, what comes to our mind is furniture crafted out of solid wood like mango, Sheesham or teak. They indeed look beautiful and are versatile in style. Mango wood furniture is considered to be the most sustainable type. Below you will find the list of care instructions for mango wood furniture.

The best way to clean and preserve polished mango wood furniture is to wipe it daily with a soft cloth and to use liquid or aerosol furniture polish frequently.

The wood lends itself beautifully to carving or turning since it is easy to cut and shape. Mango wood is beautifully grained and is often made up of many different colors and tones. They have a variety of range from dark or light green through browns and light tan colors.

Mango wood furniture can be crafted in so many different styles. Be it traditional or modern, mango wood makes the furniture look appealing and attractive.

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Here are some easy care instructions for mango wood furniture:

  • The best way to take care of the furniture is to wipe it with a soft cotton cloth daily. The dust cloth should not have any chain, buttons that could scratch the furniture.
  • Do not spill water over mango wood furniture for cleaning. Excess water causes the wood to swell, warp or stain.
  • It is advisable to use cloth for dusting that is slightly moistened. This way dust resides on the cloth and does not fly in the air.
  • Keep the furniture away from direct sunlight, as sunlight causes it to fade away. It may also lead to cracking of the furniture. It is advisable to pull curtains, drapes, and blinds during day time so that the exposure is minimized.
  • Pull the furniture away from heat sources like fireplaces or radiators to prevent the furniture from warping.
  • Avoid exposing the mango wood furniture to alcohol, deodorants, perfumes, nail paints as any exposure may harm the finish of the wood.
  • Don’t place hot objects directly on the wood furniture. Always use mats and coaster below the dish.
  • The best way to clean and preserve polished mango wood furniture is to wipe it daily with a soft cloth and to use liquid or aerosol furniture polish frequently.
  • Products containing ammonia should not be used on the furniture as it may harm the finish of the furniture.
  • Use table linens and mats to protect the mango wood table from fading, but that should be changed often. The color of the linen may leach into the furniture.
  • If your wooden furniture is painted, coat it with paint as soon as you notice scratches or stains.
  • Keep rotating the positions of things kept on the furniture. This will expose the furniture to light and air in a uniform manner.


By opting for these easy to follow care instructions, you can keep your furniture new and add life to it. Wood furniture can last for generations if proper care is taken of it. Write in comments below your care instructions for mango wood furniture.

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