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Handmade furniture can add a special touch to homes. It’s uniquely crafted intricate detailing looks exquisite. There are modern designs that are the trendsetter for the current furniture styles. They are mostly used indoors to add a grand ambiance to the home. Below you will find the list of care instructions for handmade furniture.

Handmade furniture is mostly made of Wood. Taking care of wooden handmade furniture is essential to make it last longer. The listed points discuss the ways of maintaining handmade wooden furniture to add to its longevity:

Care Instructions for Handmade Furniture

  1. Dusting: The wooden furniture needs to be dusted daily so that no deposits accumulate in the furniture. Feather duster and soft cloth serve to clean dust particles with ease. But the dust particles tend to fly back in the air and settle down in the furniture so the cloth needs to be dampened with few sprinkles of water. The excess moisture can be removed using a dry towel. Harsh objects should be avoided to save the furniture from scratches.
  2. Careful Shifting: Wooden furniture should be carefully shifted so that the legs do not get damaged due to sliding on the floor.
  3. Balanced Temperature: Humidity adversely affects wooden furniture and it can be saved from cracks by using an air conditioner in summers and a humidifier during the winters.
  4. Sunlight Exposure: Wooden furniture should be uniformly exposed to sunlight but not for a prolonged period as it might crack when exposed to sunlight for a long duration.
  5. Using Coasters, Pads, etc.: To secure wooden furniture from stains, warps, and swelling, it is advisable to use coasters, pads, table cloth, mats, and trays.

Some homemade remedies for removing stains, spots and candle wax-

  • Scratches: Remove scratches with scratch powder. A soft cloth can be used to apply it by rubbing it gently on the wooden surface.
  • Water Spots: Water spots when dried can be removed by applying some mayonnaise over the spot and rubbing it with the soft cloth.
  • Candle Wax: To remove candle wax from a handmade wooden dining table, let the wax solidify. Use some ice over the wax and scrape off using a plastic spatula.


Handmade wooden furniture is a classic home decor that can last an entire lifetime when maintained with care. Once every year the handmade wooden furniture has to be polished. There are various types of wooden furniture polishes available in the market such as spray polish, cream polish, oil polish, paste wax, liquid wax, etc.

These polishes can be used to restore the shine and smoothness of the wooden furniture’s surface. Spray polishes, although the easiest to apply to contain silicon which is harmful to wooden furniture. To ensure the furniture’s quality it is best avoided.

Write in comments below your care instructions for handmade furniture.