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Crystal is a type of glass with lead oxide. Lead oxide in the glass makes it more reflective as the density of glass is increased. It also adds brilliance to the glass. The density of crystal is determined by the amount of lead oxide in it. Crystal with more lead oxide will be heavier than the crystal with lesser lead oxide. Below you will find the list of care instructions for crystal.

There are so many things that are crafted with crystal. Most commonly found are glasses, plates and bowls, jars and vases.

List of care instructions for crystal:

  • Crystal should be placed or stored in such a place where it doesn’t touch other items.
  • The rim of the crystal is very delicate. hence avoid placing it upside down.
  • Be extra careful while carrying your crystal glass. Avoid holding it from the thinner part.
  • Dust the crystal ware often, since dust can cause a scratch on the surface of your crystal as it is abrasive
  • Always use mild detergent for washing.
  • Remember to use mild detergent while cleaning your crystal glass. especially if it has edge design or gold rims. Using a cleaning solution which has ammonia will do harm to your crystal ware.
  • Crystal should always be hand washed. After washing use clean microfibre cloth to dry it.
  • always use warm water for washing. While water makes sure your water temperature is constant as quick change can harm your crystal and cause a crack on it.
  • Use the hard water stain remover if you notice any clouding or haze look in your crystal glass.
  • Never scrub or use steel wool for washing the crystal.
  • Just to be on the safe side, keep the rubber mat or towel below before you wash and clean your crystal glass.


Crystals ware is pretty to look at and can be passed down to generations if proper care is taken of it. To know how to care for glass furniture, click here.