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A lot many types of furniture are being crafted with engineering wood these days. The furniture crafted with engineering wood is an excellent alternative to wood furniture. It is lighter and looks pretty in various styles and designs. There are different forms of engineered wood- MDF, honeycomb, veneer, particle board, and plywood etc. Below you will find the list of care instruction for engineered wood furniture.

It is synthetic wood and requires less care as compared to wooden furniture. Furniture like cabinets, study desks, bookshelves, coffee table, dressers etc. are crafted with engineered wood. You can care for engineered wood furniture by simple steps like protecting it from temperature variation, direct sunlight, and dust. Always use mats and coasters over it and avoid putting anything directly over it. In case of the spill of coffee, wine or liquid use paper towel, sponge or soft towel to wipe it immediately. 

Care Instruction for Engineered Wood Furniture

  • Dust can cause damage to the furniture if it is allowed to build up, by inflicting minute scratches that build up a cumulative level of damage over time. So it is very important to dust the furniture regularly.
  • Chemicals like wine and ink may leave stains on the wood. Therefore it should be wiped off immediately with a soft cotton cloth.
  • The furniture should be protected from direct sunlight and exposure to temperature variations. The color of the furniture may fade if exposed to direct heat and sunlight.
  • Exposure to moisture may lead to expanding and contracting the wood, therefore the furniture should not be exposed to humidity changes.
  • Always use mats and coasters to keep any food item on the furniture. Do not keep any hot item on the furniture directly. If liquid spills over it, immediately wipe it with a sponge.
  • Pull the furniture away from heat sources like fireplaces or radiators to prevent the furniture from warping and distorting.
  • It is advisable to use cloth for dusting that is slightly moistened. This way dust resides on the cloth and does not fly in the air.


Engineered wood furniture, if looked after properly, stands the test of time and can be a beautiful addition to your home. By following the above-mentioned care instruction for engineered wood you will able to take care and prevent damage to your furniture. Above tips will also ensure that it stays looking great for time to come.