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The vanity table can be useful for keeping your cosmetics and jewelry organized in one place. Vanity tables are available in many different designs and sizes. To find the right vanity, you should pay attention to its size, style, material, included accessories, and cost. You can check out our buyers guide below for more detail.

Best Vanity Table Reviews 2019 (Updated List)

1. SONGMICS Vanity Set with Mirror and Stool

If you are looking for a typical princess-style dressing table than this vanity set by Songmics is the right choice. It comes with a tilting mirror, several drawers, beautiful design, and matching stool. Like most vanity tables on the market, the Songmics table is all white. Only the dressing table stool which comes in the package has a seat cover with floral pattern. The design of the vanity is inspired by a traditional look and has flower carvings. The curved legs of the table and stool enhance the classic appearance of this lovely vanity set. In terms of design and details, this set is a beautiful example of a princess vanity set.   The dimensions of the table are approx. 31 1/2″ x 15 3/4″ (L x W). The dimensions of the stool are 17 3/4″ x 14 5/8″ x 11 1/8″ (L x W x H). These dimensions are ideal regular size room and can fit in bathroom or bedroom. The Songmics set is made of solid wood and MDF boards. It is a combination of high quality and cheaper materials. The mirror of this set is removable, and you can use the table without the mirror also. As an accessory, the dressing table offers a padded, matching stool with floral pattern cover.  The mirror is 360 degrees rotatable. There is plenty of storage space, as the dressing table has five storage drawers.

2. Mecor Vanity Set with Stool

Mecor vanity set is a beautiful way to get a little piece of fairy tales in your own home. With three mirrors, seven drawers and a matching stool, it offers everything you could want from a proper dressing table. This set by Mecor is a high-quality vanity set at an unbeatable low price. It comes with two foldable mirrors and center mirror for the generous view from multiple angles. Seven drawers provide ample storage space for keeping cosmetics and bring everything into its place. You can remove the top part entirely to it as a writing table. Or you can completely fold the side mirrors up to 180 degrees. The mirror attachment is partial installation, which makes it removable when you want to use it as writing or console table. The beautiful paint gives the dressing table a contemporary and noble look. It comes in two color option, white and black. This vanity set weighs around 28 pounds. It has 1.5 cm MDF and pine wood construction. The finish and design of this vanity set make it elegant. The legs of the table and stool have a curve shape which gives extra stability.

3. Roundhill Furniture Makeup Vanity Table

This makeup table by Roundhill furniture is a typical contemporary-style vanity table. The table has a classic oval mirror, several drawers, and simple appearance. Apart from the table and mirror, the package also includes matching stool. The design of this vanity table is classic and straightforward. As for the finish, you can choose from four different colors (white, black, silver, and gold). The details and construction make this set real eye-catcher. This vanity set looks very elegant despite the relatively low price The dimensions of the table are 32 X 16 X 53 inches (W x D x H), the stool is 19 X 15 X 17 inches (W x D x H). This contemporary style vanity table comes with five storage drawers.

4. KidKraft Medium Diva Table and Stool

If you are looking for a vanity for a little princess, then check out Kidkraft Medium diva table. This high-quality vanity take is perfect for children. The KidKraft vanity table has a sturdy construction and comes with a shatter-proof mirror. With this, you will also get a matching stool for your table. The construction material for this set is MDF and rubberwood. The size of this vanity is suitable for kids.
Please note that you should only buy good quality products for kids. Most reputable brands designs and use materials which are safe for kids.  

5. VASAGLE Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror 

This is another vanity set that is in the low to middle price segment and yet very functional. Thanks to two drawers, the table offers plenty of storage space. This vanity set by Vasagle has flip top mirror design. When you want to use it as a makeup table, lift the top part. As far as the design is concerned, it has modern classic mix look. The contemporary table comes with a classic design and has antique-looking handles that serve as decoration.  This white color vanity set is of good quality, considering the price. The construct materials for this model are MDF and rubberwood. The assembly is easy, and the package comes with a table, stool, screw bag, and instructions. The highlight of this table is its two in one design.

The Best Vanity Table Buyer’s Guide

There are several things you should be aware of when you’re looking to buy a vanity table. Whether vintage or minimalist-modern, this piece of furniture is not only for appearance but for practical and functional use. In the following section, we will explain the most common terms you’ll encounter when looking for a vanity table and how you can find the best vanity table.

What is a vanity table?

In simple terms, the vanity table provide place to store and organize your make-up related products. This is how you can keep cosmetics, perfumes, and make-up related products in a safe and permanent place. Traditionally, the vanity tables have many drawers and storage space. The flat shape surface is ideal for keeping small items which you regularly use to apply make-up. In keeping with the modern style, the make-up table now days comes only with a large drawer. This space than can be divided with the help of small boxes as desired. You can also keep non-slip mats on the surface, which provides a better grip for brushes or make-up pencils. Most vanity tables by good brands come along with the mirror as part of the set. This mirror can be fixed on the table, depending on the model. Some models also offer swiveling variants as well as matching mirrors for the wall. Some vanity tables also come with focus mirror. You can attach these mirror over the regular mirror for better enlarge view. These mirrors are handy as they give you a broader perspective, for example, while plucking the eyebrows.
Another essential part of the vanity table is the matching stool or chair. Mainly space-saving models come with a chair or stool that can be pushed under the table. These kinds of models are very convenient for small rooms.
On the other hand, chairs can further accentuate the appearance of the make-up table. Please note that some manufacturer doesn’t sell stool or chair as the part of the kit, and you may have to but it separately.

How does a vanity table work?

As a piece of furniture, the vanity table can be used as storage space, seating place, and decoration. With a vanity table, you can keep all your make-up related products, perfumes, accessories, and other vital things organized in one place. Nowadays, many manufacturers also make vanity tables for men. These tables have storage area for keeping men related products organized. You can keep your collection of watches, cufflinks, jewelry, care products, and more in a proper way. Thanks to its practical design with many compartments, the vanity table is a real organizer. Not everyone has enough space in the bathroom and so keeping your stuff in vanity table is the practical solution for most of us.

The advantages and applications of the make-up table

The additional storage space creates space in the bathroom by eliminating the need for other drawers and cupboards. Vanity table helps in the organization of your cosmetics and other personal products. Besides, it is a more private way to store personal care products or make-up. It can be beneficial for bathrooms shared with the whole family or flatmates. If you are living in a house with one bathroom, then it is better to have a vanity table in a different room. By this other member of the house will able to use a bath while you do makeup or dress up. In the bathroom, usually, the level of humidity is much more as compared to other rooms. It can adversely affect the quality and life of the products. Therefore having the vanity table outside the bathroom is a better solution.
If your bathroom is always moist, then check out our guide on bathroom fans here.
How many times have you dropped expensive perfume bottle from the narrow edge of the sink in the bathroom? Well, the side of the sink is not designed to keep all make-up products while you dress up. Many people buy cosmetic boxes for keeping their make-up products. Although it is a good idea, unfortunately, they often get filled to brim quickly.

What types of vanity tables are there?

The Poudreuse is the type of dressing table, which was developed in the 17th century. Even today, you can find this variant, which is characterized by its integrated mirror. It is located in the middle of the cover plate and can be opened and then raised. Unlike a regular table, the vanity table has at least one drawer for storage. This storage space is essential for keeping and organizing your products. There are also vanity tables with a combination of writing or reading tables. Generally, they are similar in construction and can be used according to individual needs. This makes them versatile and suitable for a wide variety of situations.  
There is a baroque style which is particularly famous for intricate details and nostalgic look. Alternatively, there is also the country house style, characterized by its slightly rustic wood and sometimes beautiful carvings. Nowadays, modern vanity tables are with minimalist and straight-lined design. So it is easy to find a vanity table according to every style of furnishing.

Things to consider in vanity tables

Due to their growing popularity, more and more furniture manufacturers are including vanity tables in their product list. In our extensive vanity table comparison, we will take a close look at the following criteria.
  • Style
  • Color
  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Packaging
In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is essential for the individual criteria.


There are many different variations of vanity tables. From Gothic, Retro, Vintage, to Nordic, you’ll find it all.  Despite many variations, there are three predominant styles for the tables in the market. These are the nostalgic baroque style, the romantic and slightly rustic country house style as well as a modern style. Although the criterion is subject to the personal taste and the individual furnishing style, the listing can give you an idea.


You will find most vanity tables nowadays in the white color. The color fits almost every style of living and different wall colors. But sometimes white can be boring. You can add your accessories for the splash of color on white vanity. If you like bright colors or wood look, look at flea markets. Here you can find old make-up tables from the 60s to 80s that are not painted white. Or take a look at this beautiful vanity we found on Amazon.

Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set


The material has a significant influence on the quality, durability, and the stability of the vanity table. Among others, materials such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic are common materials for construction. The most common is wood. Again, there are subtle differences that I will explain to you in the table.  
Wood Property
chipboard Chipboard consists of compressed wood chips. The treatment makes the wood very stable and suitable for furniture production. Besides, the chipboard is often plastic coated. It is robust and easy to clean.
Medium-density fibreboard Also known as MDF boards. These are pressed from wood fibers and glued together. They have incredibly high breaking and bending strength.
solid wood This vanity is made of pure wood. You can recognize solid wood by an interruption of the grain pattern.


Standard vanities with mirrors are approx. Fifty inches to 55 inches high and around 30 to 40 inches wide. To this end, the matching stools should be about 18 inches high. Of course, there are also tailor-made products that do not conform to the “standard,” which can ultimately be smaller or larger. Also, storage space plays a important role here. The more area the vanity has to offer, the bigger and wider it will be.


Two crucial parts of vanity are chair and mirror. Unfortunately, they are not always included in the delivery depending on the manufacturer. Also, you should consider whether there is the right furniture in the same style to buy separately.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a make-up table?

A crucial point for the selection of make-up table is the available space. 
Vanity tables come in a different size. Therefore you must choose the table which can easily fit your home. Also, it is crucial to consider the space for a chair or stool and mirror.
Ideally, you should choose the place which doesn’t block the passageway. Besides, it is worthwhile to consider in advance which items will want to keep in vanity. It can give you an idea of the required space, and you can choose accordingly. It is essential to consider whether accessories such as mirror, lighting unit, or stool are included in package or not. Keep in mind that buying these accessories separately, which will mean additional cost. Finally, it’s essential to pay attention to the material and hardware. Good quality vanity of solid wood can last for years to come. It’s imperative to take care of solid wood furniture for rustic charm. Check out care instruction for wooden furniture here.

Where can I buy the best vanity table?

In recent years, many furniture manufacturers have again added a vanity table to their range. You can find cheaper variations of vanity from the Swedish giant Ikea or local furniture shops. A neutral style and color vanity fit in with rest of furniture as well as the color concept of the room. You can also buy through Internet retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, or target. From the Internet you more option in terms of style and design. You also check customer reviews from other buyers, which may contain useful information. You can order regardless of the opening hours in the store. Most manufacturer offers a better price on the Internet.
Also, you don’t need to worry about shipping and delivery when you order online. When ordering over the Internet, the delivery is usually not only fast and reasonably inexpensive but taken care by professionals.
Many Internet retailers even offer installment payments.

Some Facts about Vanity Tables

The history of the make-up table

Although the trend towards vanity tables has back up again in recent years, it has a very long history. In 17th-century France, the Poudreuse made its debut. This vanity table has a mirror and many practical drawers. During the 18th century, there were many variations, and the vanity furniture experienced its heyday. The development of the tables is documented in various ways. You can see them, especially on paintings. Various fashion phenomena necessitated the development of the vanity table and helped its popularity.
At the court of Louis XIV of France, the powdered wigs were often worn. They became the expression of luxury and were initially almost always reserved for the nobility. At the same time, only the rich had a reason to put their appearance in such a scene and to use expensive cosmetics and fragrances. That’s why vanity tables at that era become a sign of luxury.
The vanity tables from that time testify for a high level of craftsmanship and at the same time, a comprehensive understanding of wood species, cuts, and beauty. Various woods such as rosewood, plum or color maple were used for making make-up tables. Like everything, the vanity tables also went through different style trends. Sometimes they were designed to function as writing or reading tables. From the 19th century, more and more vanity tables have three-part mirrors. In modern times, in addition to solid wood, vanity tables are manufactured using plastic and metals.

Figures, data and facts around the dressing table

The origins can be traced back to the 17th century. Not only at the French court, but also in the USA, England, and other countries, you can find vanity tables. It is documented in many paintings, for example by Carl Josef Alois Agricola – Lady in front of the toilet mirror or Gustave LĂ©onard de Jonghe – Vanity. Paintings by Queen Charlotte at Buckingham Palace also feature a richly decorated dressing table. Other pictures like Carl Reichert – kittens in the boudoir provide another insight into another era. Many portraits of nobles or ladies from upper social circles show the people at the vanity table or a room with the furniture, which should be a synonym for luxury for a long time.

The right lighting when applying make-up

Every lady knows that make-up not only depends on the products but also on the light. Depending on the lighting, even the most beautiful make-up can look hideous. Therefore while setting up your vanity, you should pay attention to its location. The best light is natural daylight, but unfortunately, it’s not possible. You can solve this problem by installing the right kind of light at the right place which we will discuss below. While installing the light, make sure that the light falls directly on the face. It should come from the wall or mirror in front of your face.
The design with three-piece mirrors helps to optimize the distribution of the light. Also, you can see yourself from different angles. There are many vanity models where you can rotate or move the mirror quickly depending on the light.
There are also smaller lamps or LED, that you can easily attach to the mirror or on shelves with a clip. New LED lamps are very economical, durable, and therefore ideal for the right lighting on the dressing table.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dressing Table

What sets the vanity table apart from other tables? 

The classic vanity table always has a mirror, but in modern ones, it can be extra. Furthermore, vanity consists of many refined drawers for organizing and storing everything in the proper place. The narrow shape of vanity is ideal for bedrooms or rooms with a smaller area.

What’s in the make-up table? 

Typical of the contents of a vanity table are make-up and other cosmetics. Depending on the size, people also keep accessories and hair stylings products like hairdryer, curler, or straighter.

Where to put the vanity table? 

The classic vanity tables were designed for the bedroom. Even today this is the place where most of the people want to put vanity table. If you have an open window seat, then I would recommend putting the vanity table there. It is also essential that you have room to sit down so that you can apply make-up comfortably. For this, you put the vanity table best in the vicinity of a stool or possibly a couch.

How do I take care of the vanity table? 

It is essential to regularly clean and removes dust from the vanity table. You can use a soft microfiber cloth or feather duster. Depending on the surface, you can use a slightly damp cloth to remove residues or stains. With real wood, it’s important to oil the table at least twice in a year. Put a glass plate or a make-up mat on your vanity table. Then you can easily remove the stains with water and a little detergent from the supermarket.