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There are so many great deals on umbrella strollers to choose from on the market today that you can be strolling around the neighborhood in no time flat. With that said, don’t be fooled by pretty colors and all the cool features of the umbrella strollers.

What’s important to look for when buying strollers is the type of stroller that will be the most comfortable for you and your baby. Umbrella strollers have many different features to consider.

Taking things into consideration such as your height and the height of other caregivers when buying umbrella strollers may not have even crossed your mind. However, do you want to go for an excellent fun leisurely walk in the park with your baby only to discover later that your back is hurting because of having to bend over while pushing the stroller? Some umbrella strollers can be adjusted to a comfortable height for each.

Or perhaps your toes get sore because you keep banging your toes into the stroller wheels. That’s not much fun either is it?

Quick Answer: Best Umbrella Strollers

1. ZOE XL1 Best Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller 


2. Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

3. Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller 

4. Maclaren Mark II Stroller

5. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller 

6. JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller 

7. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller 

8. UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller

9. Baby Jogger City Mini 2

10. Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

11.  UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

12. Inglesina Net Stroller

13. Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

14. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

15. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

Best Umbrella Strollers Buyers Guide

Guidelines for Finding the Best Umbrella Strollers

Here’s a list of some of the features you may want to look for before purchasing a stroller for the baby.

1.     Safety

Make sure that one of the features of your stroller is the ability to lock your stroller into the open position. This will ease your mind knowing that there will be no way that the stroller will buckle while your baby is inside.

Also, be sure that there is a braking feature to prevent it from moving forward or backward on its own. Some umbrella strollers have these features.

2.      Comfort for the Baby

If you plan on being out of the house for long periods and expect the baby to be happy in their stroller, be sure to buy the strollers that will be comfortable for baby both sitting and lying back.

If you are using the stroller for long trips more than just short little trips to the store, you may want to consider buying reclining umbrella strollers. The last thing you want is a stroller that will end up frustrating you and your baby, ending up stored in the garage. Umbrella strollers are very convenient for getting around quickly with your baby.

3.     Comfort for the Parents

As mentioned above, can you adjust the height of the handlebars to suit your body height? This is so important when looking for strollers to purchase.

Can you walk behind the stroller without always banging your toes on the wheels?

Is there enough storage room to carry baby’s belongings and your belongings so that both your hands can be free to push the stroller?

4.     Ease of Use

Be sure to find a stroller that is easy to carry and can adjust to the closing position without pinching your fingers or damaging part of the stroller.

Does it fold down easily and can you store it in an area where it doesn’t take up too much space?

5.     Durability

Ensure that you purchase strollers based on their quality and look in the customer reviews area at Amazon to hear what other parents have to say about the stroller.

Pick one that will last for a long time. If you are planning on having a second child, it would be great not to have to go through the expense of buying another stroller.

Also, you will need to think of what type of terrain you may want to use the stroller in, are you going camping and need to use it on gravel roads or will you just be using the stroller on the pavement.

Using Umbrella Strollers Correctly to Prevent Accidents

Moms and dads use umbrella strollers frequently. A recent colossal stroller recall brings up the old question of how safe little ones are in them, and how these essential pieces of baby gear can be made safer.

Umbrella strollers are designed to keep kids safe. They usually feature harness systems as well as shock absorbing wheels which turn effortlessly when they run into obstacles.

On the other hand, they’re used to transport little ones fast in stores with hard floor surfaces or over pavement by moms and dads who do not always use the safety harness correctly.

Furthermore, they’re made to fold down fast, leaving aluminum parts exposed to kid’s tiny arms, fingers as well as legs.

Retrospective Study on Stroller Injuries

Each year over thirteen thousand kids under the age of three are injured in stroller-related accidents. These accidents have been studied in the past several years.

A retrospective study on stroller-related injuries looked at over sixty-five thousand injuries reported by NEISS (a national probability sample of hospitals in the United States and its territories) between ’94 and ’98.

The rate of injury was a hundred and eighty-four per one hundred thousand kids, with slightly more baby boys than baby girls injured (51 percent to 49 percent), and an average age of eleven months. The majority of injuries were from falls (76 percent) or the stroller tipping over (11 percent), with a smaller number of injuries reported from stroller folding, and accidents involving cars.

Types of Injuries Found in Studies

The number of injuries found was face or head injuries; eighty-seven percent of all injuries were to the face or head. Of the nearly one thousand kids rushed to ER, seventy percent were for head trauma.

Contusions (i.e., bruises), lacerations, fractures, and even closed head injuries accounted for most of the damages.

The recent Maclaren (Maclaren is a famous British stroller manufacturer) stroller recall was initiated due to a notification received – a dozen kids suffered fingertip amputations from hinge accidents!

Kids usually put fingertips directly into the side hinge wither while riding in the stroller or when getting out or in of it. Interesting information is that over 1.000.000 strollers made in this century were recalled.

Using Umbrella Strollers Correctly to Put a Stop to Accidents

The primary injuries described in studies of stroller-related accidents are caused by falling out of it. Umbrella strollers all are designed with some safety harness.

On the other hand, moms and dads usually forget to put them on or even do not put them on properly. Only fastening the belt around the child’s waist is not precisely enough; small babies require the crotch-strap in place to keep them from sliding out from under the harness.

Little kids in strollers need parents to look out for them. Baby injuries have been reported when kids became trapped in the leg opening after slipping under the safety belt or even not being properly strangled or restrained. Others have died of asphyxiation due to incorrect positioning inside the unit.

Strollers must never be carried down and upstairs with the little one in them

Remember to put the safety wheel brakes on!

Kids have been fatally or seriously injured when strollers rolled into the path of automobiles or in bodies of water.

A responsible parent should keep a hand on the handlebars at all times, i.e., whenever possible. Make sure to check the stroller’s brakes and other mechanical parts frequently, to ensure they are still okay, particularly in case the unit is an old model.

Check the hinges as well as other movable parts on the unit for pinching potential. Ensure kids do not place fingertips, legs or hands anywhere near the hook when getting out or in of the stroller or when riding inside it.

Do not hang large handbags or shopping bags from handlebars, particularly lightweight umbrella strollers. They can and will cause the whole unit to tip backward.

How to Avoid Injuries while using umbrella strollers?

Baby strollers are built to be safe. On the other hand, even the most reliable models are only as good as the parents using it.

Furthermore, even those with best reputations for safety can (and sometimes will) malfunction or also have some potentially dangerous design flaws.

Therefore, moms and dads have to be vigilant about checking umbrella strollers for safety concerns and, most importantly, use harness at all times – when the little one is inside, even on short trips to the local grocery store.

Choosing Umbrella Strollers for Toddlers

 Perhaps best umbrella strollers for toddlers are ones which perfectly suits individual family’s way of life as well as planned family size, are practical, safe, simple to fold and unfold and reasonably priced or cheap. Choosing the very best umbrella stroller is usually very tricky, with a whole bunch of ‘must-have’ features available at a boggling array of prices.

The general rule of thumb goes: “Keep shopping simply by considering lifestyle, practicality, safety standards, family planning as well as ease of use before getting one.”


When deciding on a particular model, think about where and exactly how it will be used. Congested city areas are generally not stroller-friendly, sometimes with extremely narrow store aisles (not to mention bustling sidewalks).

However, country areas usually have gravel roads or uneven pavement, with frequent short trips in the vehicle to do the shopping and run everyday tasks. Lifestyle will set which features are crucial.

Travel System

These days a lot of models of umbrella strollers are being constructed with the ability to safely hold an infant car seat (and not toddler car seat!) on top of the aluminum frame. So, a travel system is a massive bonus for families with an infant (or newborn) and a toddler.

However, while this can save moms and dads the considerable hassle of waking a napping infant, it’s not exactly safe to keep an infant in a car seat for long periods.

Strollers and Family Planning

Young moms and dads who are planning on more than just one kid will perhaps want to think about how a particular model will grow with the family.

Good quality umbrella strollers are great for moms and dads planning on having two or more babies within one to four years.

Some manufacturers design strollers with ride-on boards that the toddler (or slightly older sibling – please see manufacturer instructions first!) can safely stand on and enjoy the ride.

Ease of use

How simple and fun it’s to open and fold down a stroller is sometimes underrated, particularly if first-time moms and dads are getting one before the child is born. A big, heavy, difficult to fold or not so easy to open will be difficult to use, mainly if there’s an active toddler to carry and keep track of too.

Once again, choose from the good brands which are not complex and are a practical solution for on the go moms and dads. It will be challenging to get a model which promises to be the one and only one a family will ever need.

On the other hand, consider the fact that a lot of moms and dads still choose to use an umbrella stroller when shopping in narrow spaces or to travel on airplanes. Choosing a stroller is generally part of how moms and dads prepare for life with a little one.

Umbrella strollers for toddlers can and will be excellent tools for on the go moms and dads.

Particularly with features like car-seat attachments, expanding to seat two kids of different age, lightweight and space efficient frames as well as big storage baskets.

However, getting the best one means looking carefully at lifestyle and budget considerations as well.

Double Umbrella Stroller

 An umbrella stroller is a lightweight stroller that parents use with toddlers and older babies. It has a lighter suspension than a full-size car seat stroller and usually doesn’t have a lower storage basket.

They’re easy to fold up and put away, and because of their lightweight, they are easy to transport to function where a stroller is necessary.

Benefits of double umbrella strollers

The second version is designed for parents of twins or those with two kids close in age that both need to ride in the stroller. By having the double umbrella stroller, a single adult can push both kids instead of needing two adults for every outing.

These strollers come with a variety of features. Some have no features except basic straps and cost about $50. Others have canopies for sun blocking, parent cup holders, multipoint harnesses for the kid’s safety and bigger wheels and tires for a smoother ride. These higher-end versions cost more than $150.

As a parent of young children, I can say that these lightweight umbrella strollers are essential for quickly getting to community gatherings.

A full-size car seat stroller is big and bulky and hard to get around.

These smaller ones make it easy to get your child safely through a crowd of people without having to get in their way or make the sea of people part just for you. They don’t have quite enough storage as compared to the bigger strollers, but for short day trips that isn’t much of an issue.

For parents of twins, everything comes in twos. But these double umbrella strollers are also excellent for parents of kids who are close together, perhaps just a year apart and both of them need to be in this kind of stroller for safety and ease of movement.

Comfort and convenience (and a reasonable price) are what parents look for in strollers for toddlers.

Things to consider for double umbrella strollers

  • Tall enough for the adult to push without bending over and hurting the back
  • Comfortable for the child to ride in for a few hours at a time
  • Secure safety straps to keep the child in place without falling out and hurting themselves, or getting lost
  • Lightweight, so we can fold it up and put it in the car without hurting ourselves, easily managed by a single adult
  • A robust frame that won’t collapse
  • Sturdy construction that will last for several years as the child gets older
  • Able to fit through doorways
  • Some features that are not required but are excellent bonuses:
  • Sun canopy to protect the children from too much sun exposure
  • Storage bags, pockets or other areas for hauling a small amount of gear
  • Parent cup holder for the famous drink or sippy cup storage
  • Heavy-duty wheels to handle terrain that is off road (gravel, bumpy sidewalks, grass)