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With real vacuum power and light effects, there are many interesting toy vacuums for kids in the market. One of these is a battery powered cleaner that moves around while it sucks up dirt with its rotating brushes!

With toy vacuum cleaners, you can start teaching your young ones the importance of housework early on. You’ll help them learn responsibility and develop their motor skills at the same time.

Can’t find your toys under the couch? Grab a toy vacuum. There’s no shortage of them to choose from with brands like Dyson and Bosch! These will have all the features you need for an easy clean, including suction, noise level indicators and light emission. You’ll also be able to work on that chore-related guilt while playing “clean up” instead of doing it yourself when parents are around ūüėČ

The best kids’ vacuum cleaners are lightweight and easy for children to use.

Some of the most popular picks include:

Product Name
Dyson DC DC14 with Real Suction
CASDON Dyson DC22 Toy Vacuum
Playgo My Vacuum Cleaner
Theo Klein Miele Vacuum Toy
Melissa & Doug Wooden Vacuum Cleaner Play Set

Best Toy Vacuum for Kids Reviews

1. Dyson DC DC14 with Real Suction

When the parents pick up the vacuum cleaner, the kids are usually thrilled. This is partly because they like to emulate mom and dad, and partly because of the operating noise, which is often exciting for children.

The Casdon Dyson DC14 is a toy vacuum cleaner that not only sounds like its famous role model but also imitates its suction properties. 

Equipment and special features

The children’s vacuum cleaner from Casdon is equipped with realistic functions, which include not only the operating noise but also the suction function. The colorful styrofoam balls come in the packaging to make your kids playtime more fun.¬†

These are caught in the transparent collecting container in which they swirl around. Here you can see the imitation of the cyclone technology, which is exciting and impressive for kids at the same time. 

According to the manufacturer, the recommended age is 36 months – 8 years. This toy cleaner needs 4 C batteries for its operation.

Handling and suction result

You don’t have to do anything more than inserting the batteries to put the vacuum cleaner for the kids into operation.¬†

It is easy to use, and the suction function, sounds, and the collection container are particularly impressive for kids


Children’s toys in this price range are usually made of plastic. This is no different here, but this model looks pretty nice.¬†

According to some customer reviews, the durability is unfortunately limited.


Casdon’s children’s vacuum cleaner convinces with its look, functions and reasonable price. Construction quality and suction power are some of the cons of this toy vacuum.¬†

2. CASDON Dyson DC22 Toy Vacuum

Children prefer to imitate what their parents do. Their electronic devices, in particular, are exciting for the kids. What still works with the mobile phone is a problem with the vacuum cleaner due to its size.

This toy vacuum cleaner is a replica of the famous Vacuum DC14of Dyson. 

Equipment and special features

The children’s vacuum cleaner has realistic functions, i.e. it not only sounds like a real vacuum cleaner, but it also has similar properties.¬†

It comes with colorful styrofoam balls that swirl in the transparent container. It is the perfect imitation of the famous Dyson cyclone technology. 

Additional features include a removable suction rod and the various accessories on the device. According to manufacturer toy is suitable for children from the age of 36 months.

Handling and suction result

The Casdon must be put together before use, but this can be done fairly quickly. Then the batteries are inserted, which are not included in the scope of delivery, and the kids can start vacuuming. 

The suction function is a little disappointing, as pointed by some customer reviews. But we are sure your little ones will not mind this as long as they see those colorful balls swirling.


If you like a lot of plastic, you will like this children’s vacuum cleaner.¬†


Dyson is a well-known brand and famous for its technology. The children’s vacuum cleaner does not come close to its power, but its features can surely make this toy your kid’s favorite.¬†

3. Playgo My Vacuum Cleaner

The¬†PlayGo 3070¬†is a children’s vacuum cleaner made of plastic with a real vacuum cleaner function. It has a removable filter and a 15 cm long telescopic tube.¬†

The small and compact children’s toy is powered by 4x C batteries. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for 36 months – 15 years.¬†

Equipment and special features

This toy cleaner has realistic functions, including operating noise, its container can be emptied and the telescopic rod can be adjusted in height from 15 to 30 cm. 

Batteries are required for operation (4x C batteries), unfortunately, these are not included in the scope of delivery.

Handling and suction result

During our research, it quickly became apparent that the little ones have a lot of fun playing with a children’s vacuum cleaner. They were particularly impressed by the realistic functions.¬†

In addition to the operating noise, the suction result is very exciting, even if the PlayGo is anything but powerful. 


The little ones can enjoy housework – they just need the right tools. The PlayGo children’s vacuum cleaner inspires the youngsters, binds them for hours and has an attractive price.

4. Theo Klein Miele Vacuum Toy

The Miele by Theo Klein is a toy vacuum cleaner with a sound that can have realistic functions. It is operated with 3 batteries, it is recommended for children from 2 years. 

Equipment and special features

This kid’s vacuum is replica Miele Vacuum with realistic sounds. It is equipped with an on and off indicator light, the styrofoam balls and a suction hose, which can have a length of 70 cm.¬†

The vacuum cleaner is operated with batteries (3x C), these are not included in the scope of delivery. This model is suitable for children from the age of 3 years, according to the manufacturer. 

Handling and suction result

The children’s vacuum cleaner is not too big, which is why it can be used by children from the age of 3 years.¬†

We like the “real” operating noise, but one shouldn’t expect too much from the suction power. Theo Klein doesn’t absorb more than the styrofoam balls supplied.¬†


Plastic, plastic, plastic: these are the main components that Theo Klein brings with it. With this price, it is, of course, no surprise. We would therefore not want to assume a high life expectancy. 


Theo Klein’s children’s vacuum cleaner grabbed us with its realistic functions and fun. The price also makes the toy interesting. You shouldn’t expect too much from the suction power and processing.¬†

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Vacuum Cleaner Play Set

We had to include this toy vacuum cleaner on our list because of its impressive design and sturdy construction.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Vacuum Cleaner Play Set consists of 10 pieces that are made using wood. This includes wooden vacuum replica, and wooden pieces in the shape of popcorn, cereals, and coins. 

Buyers Guide

Vacuum cleaners for children are replicas of the vacuum cleaners true to the original. So they are equipped with an on and off switch with control lighting. Likewise – at least for the devices with suction function – a removable vacuum cleaner bag is also included.

With a children’s vacuum cleaner with suction function and dust bag, the children can show their parents very well that they helped with the housework. The dust bag can be easily removed and emptied so that the children will feel proud when they see what they cleaned with their toys.

With some models, the vacuum cleaner handle can also be adjusted. This is practical so that the children’s vacuum cleaner can be perfectly adjusted to the height of the child.

For which age toy vacuums are safe?

Most of the toys for kids are manufactured keeping the safety of kids as a priority. The same goes for vacuum cleaners for kids. In almost all product packaging of the toy as well as in their description you can find a suitable age range for that particular toy.

Children are very curious and you often see them imitating other’s behavior. You can buy a nice toy vacuum which will not entertain them but will also help them in their development.

I will recommend you to buy this toy when the kid can walk on their own without any difficulties. The child’s vacuum cleaner can be used after an estimated 15 months. Your child should also be able to push the vacuum cleaner in front of them. The little helpers don’t usually weigh much, but it can be more difficult for a small child.

Which well-known brands produce children’s vacuum cleaners?

Most of the well-known brands such as Dyson, Bosch or Fisher-Price manufacture these amazing toys. These toys have a weak suction function that is particularly child-friendly.

Some of the toy vacuum cleaners are even the exact miniature copy of regular vacuum cleaners.

How much does a kid’s vacuum cost?

You can find good quality kids vacuum at a low price. The price range here is approximately between 20 and 50 dollars. If you want a simple vacuum cleaner without special functions, you can find one for even less than 20 dollars.

For simple children’s vacuum cleaner, there are many models between the 20-30 dollar price range.

If you are looking for an electric toy vacuum for kids, then a good one can cost between 30 to 50 dollars.

Where can I buy a vacuum for kids?

You can find vacuums for kids in most toy stores or online such as in Amazon of Walmart. When buying from the internet, you can see a wide range of models and compare their features and price.

Most of the well-known brands such as CASDON, Fisher-Price, PlayGo, Theo Klein, Melissa & Doug sell their toy vacuums online.

Things to consider before buying a toy vacuum cleaner for kids

There are some important things you should before consider such as:

  • Battery operation
  • 2 in 1 function
  • Handling

In the below section, we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.

Battery operation

This criterion only applies to electric vacuum cleaners. Almost all vacuum cleaner is operated with a battery, which is the other reason for low suction power.

Most of these toys have a battery because of safety reasons. Because, it is to prevent the child from coming into contact with the electrical circuit. The batteries in the children’s vacuum cleaner are well hidden and you usually need a screwdriver to reach the batteries.

Some of these vacuum cleaner with battery operation also comes with a charging station. Since the vacuum cleaner has no enormous suction power, the charging time is usually very low.

Of course, you also have to decide for yourself whether an electric vacuum cleaner makes sense for your child. Our recommendation here is an age from approx. 3 years.

2 in 1 function

A children’s vacuum cleaner is not always just a simple vacuum cleaner. There is also the option that the upper part of the vacuum cleaner can be removed and your child thus has a handheld vacuum cleaner.

However, this option is often only available for vacuum cleaners that are not connected to a vacuum cleaner box by a hose.

With this model, this addition does not make much sense and therefore 2 in 1 vacuum are usually sold with battery or battery operation.

Often just one hand is enough and the hand vacuum cleaner can be easily removed from the rest of the vacuum cleaner.

This allows your child to reach higher corners or corners that are difficult to reach with the large vacuum cleaner, without losing any usefulness.


You should also pay attention to some things when handling so that your child has as much fun as possible with the new toy.

A chunky wood vacuum cleaner can often be unwieldy and your child may find it more difficult than fun. The vacuum cleaner should not be too heavy so that it can be easily pulled by your child. Also, it shouldn’t be too big so that it doesn’t get stuck in every corner.

The handling determines whether your child will have fun with his new toy. However, there are also children’s vacuum cleaners that have no suction function and can simply be pushed over the floor and make suction noises.