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Sleeve ironing boards are much narrower and smaller than conventional ironing boards and fit into the sleeves due to their elongated shape.

Sleeve boards are a recent development to the ironing world. They offer many advantages over traditional board, but there are also disadvantages that should be considered before investing in one of these modern tools for home laundering or professional pressing shop. Read our buyer’s guide to find out more!

For those who spend a lot of time ironing, they know that the task can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. A sleeve board is an affordable additional product for your laundry room or home office to help make this chore go more smoothly. They fit right on top of the surface you’re using as if it were another piece of fabric with sleeves attached all around in order to keep clothes securely pressed while working; even when resting! You’ll notice how much smoother tasks like pressing collars and cuffs are now that there’s no chance whatsoever they might slip off their spot again.

A great investment for any busy person out there- especially people doing household chores themselves–a sleeve board allows you greater control over what needs attention so everything gets done faster

A sleeve ironing board makes it easier for you to smooth out the hard-to-reach areas on the sleeves of shirts, blouses or jackets in one go. To do this, you simply stretch your sleeve onto the board.

You should check the size, ironing surface material, and board cover, as well as the folding function of the sleeve board, before buying.

Best sleeve board for ironing


Product Name



Jacobson Sleeve Ironing Board

This sleeve ironing board construction is with heavy-duty aluminum frame and half-inch plywood.

It also has a heat resistant cover.


Sleeveboard Mini Ironing Board

This sleeve board by Home Essential has 20 inches long and 4.5 inches wide pressing area. It has foldable legs which give sleeve board height of 4.6 inches when open and one inch after folding.

On the surface, it has a steel mesh plate, 5 mm foam and then cotton cover.


Sullivans Sleeve Ironing Board

We love the simple and functional design of the Sullivans sleeve ironing board. It is compact and foldable, which makes it perfect for traveling.

Usually, you can use only one side for ironing in foldable models but in this, you can use both sides.


Padded Sleeve Ironing Board

This padded sleeve ironing board by Newhouse Specialty Co has a robust and sturdy construction. It has a heavy-duty aluminum frame and can be used from both sides.

This board functions as a standard board from one side whereas the other side is narrow in one end.

The heat resistant surface ensures that you can use this model for a long time.


Household Essentials 971840-1

This model by House Essential is the full-size ironing board with the stand which comes with an iron stand and sleeve board.

The ironing surface is 49 inches by 18 inches.

It has adjustable legs that you can fold completely when storing or carrying.

Sleeve Board Buyers Guide

What is a sleeve board and what is its purpose?

A sleeve board looks like a miniature version of a normal ironing board and makes it easier for you to iron shirt sleeves. You can simply attach it to your ironing board.

The sleeve board is simply an extension of the standard ironing board and makes it easier for you to iron in difficult places.

It is mainly used for the sleeves of shirts that are clamped on the board, but it is also ideal for blouses or jackets.

By the way, sleeve boards can usually be folded up to save space.

What materials is a sleeve board made of?

The sleeve board itself is a metal board, usually with holes, on which a heat-resistant and vapor-permeable foam rests.

Its cover is made of aluminum-coated cotton and can reflect the heat, which smoothes your laundry even more effectively. 

The holes in the board and the heat and steam permeable materials enable a double-sided smoothing process.

What much does sleeve board cost?

The cost of a sleeve board is generally reasonable. Since the sleeve board is only a relatively small additional product to a real ironing board, the costs for this are kept within reasonable limits.

Depending on the manufacturer and quality, You can find them between 10 and 30 dollars.

Factors to compare sleeve boards

In the following section, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate sleeve boards. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain product is suitable for you or not.

In summary, we examine the following criteria:

  • Ironing surface
  • Cover and padding
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Folding function

In the paragraph below you can read what the individual purchase criteria are all about and how you can classify them.

Ironing surface

Whether you can pull the entire sleeve of your shirt onto the board depends on two key factors.

  • Length of the sleeve board
  • Width of the sleeve board

Length of the sleeve board 

The regular arm length for men’s shirts is approximately between 60 and 70 cm. 50 cm of board length is reasonably sufficient for this, but with 60 cm you will find it much easier. 

But if your shirt has an XL size, it will be relatively scarce at 50 cm and part of the sleeve would no longer fit on the board. 

Therefore, the principle applies: the longer your sleeve board, the better!

Width of the sleeve board 

Another important size is the width of your sleeve board. Most sleeve boards are between 10 and 15 cm wide. 

The wider the area, the better you can fit the sleeves on it and you will, therefore, find it easier to iron. 

However, you should know that the full width of a sleeve board is usually only in the upper section and then becomes narrower.

Cover and padding

If you have an ironing board, you probably know how important is cover and padding of the board. Usually, sleeve board covers are made of cotton and are suitable for the washing machine

If you are looking for a replacement cover for your sleeve board, check in advance what size you need.

Also, a good sleeve board cover should have foam padding. This increases ironing comfort because the foam softens the pressure of the iron and thus protects your clothing.

Another special feature of ironing board or sleeve board covers is that the cover often consists of aluminum-coated cotton. This reflects the heat emitted by the hot iron as well as possible. 

You can buy thermal ironing pads from the link below, with which you can even iron on your kitchen table as a base and no longer need an extra ironing board.

YQMAJIM Ironing Blanket

Anti-slip feet

The use of anti-slip feet increases your safety and protects you from adversity. 

The sleeve board should be stable and not slip on the ironing board during the ironing process.

Also, some brands and manufacturers equip their sleeve boards with anti-slip feet. These hold the sleeve board securely on the ironing board

Folding function

To save space, most sleeve board models have a folding function – this is almost a must for most people. However, here you should pay attention to the model in terms of stability and quality.

collapsible sleeve board has the advantage, that you can store them easily after use.

If you choose a foldable sleeve board, you should pay particular attention to the construction. The cross struts that hold the ironing surface must be of high quality and durable. There must also be a locking mechanism.

This ensures that sleeve boards do not collapse on their own, which can lead to accidents. Also, see if you can easily assemble and disassemble the sleeve board. You should avoid an overly complicated construction.

What types of sleeve boards are there?

Metal sleeve board

The classic among the sleeve boards is a model made of metal. Both the ironing surface and the frame are made of metal.

The ironing surface must be made of braided metal, otherwise, the steam cannot escape. 


High-quality material

Long durability

High stability


Hinges and moving parts must be greased

Rust can develop quickly in damp conditions

Higher weight

Wood sleeve boards

It is a rare form of sleeve board, but there are also wooden models on the market. Wood is not affected by the heat and even reflects it. Also, the wood looks very cozy and elegant. 

If a sleeve board is to be permanently in a room, wood is a good alternative to metal. However, a wooden sleeve board is also very heavy. Besides, most wooden boards are not suitable for steam.


High-quality material

Beautiful design

Strong stability


High costs

Difficult to stow away

Foldable only rarely

Foldable sleeve board

The best shape of the sleeve board is the foldable model. As the name suggests, you can fold up and put away the sleeve board if necessary. There is a folding mechanism under the ironing surface. 

Especially if you have little space, you should prefer such a model. It is even better if a foldable sleeve board has an eyelet or a hook. This allows you to hang it on a wall without taking up a lot of space. 


Can be folded up easily

Space-saving storage

Fast assembly and dismantling

Can be used far from the ironing board


Poor construction can lead to a wobble

Attachable sleeve board

Some sleeve boards do not have their stand, but can only be attached to your ironing board.

They can be combined with many different ironing boards, whereby the attachment is not a problem.


Ironing laundry faster

Easy attachment to the ironing board


Requires more space

Cannot be attached to all ironing boards

Storage difficulties

FAQ the topic of sleeve ironing boards

How to use a sleeve board?

Proper use of a sleeve board is very important. If you go wrong, you will quickly see unsightly folds on your garment. Below, we will show you how it works with the sleeve board.

Step 1

First of all, you should know that a sleeve board is constructed like a normal ironing board. Its shape is very similar, but the size is only smaller. 

This means that, as the name suggests, the sleeve board is designed for sleeves and narrow trouser legs. The sleeve boards are often only a few centimeters high and about ten centimeters wide.

Step 2

The next step depends on what type of sleeve board you are using. There are free moving sleeve boards that you can put up and use anywhere. 

You just have to open and set them up. Most sleeve boards have a cross brace, which you hook onto the sleeve board. This guarantees high stability. 

Step 3

You can make your work a little easier if you hang up the shirts, blouses, and sweaters to be ironed for a while. 

Due to the weight, the clothes are already pre-smoothed and you have less work when ironing later.

Step 4 

To get the best possible result, you should first slide the sleeve board from the pointed end of the shoulder part towards the cuffs of the sleeve. 

This enables you to smooth all areas of the sleeve. Before doing this, you should smooth the sleeve with the palm of your hand. Do this from the inside out. 

It is important that you work step by step and that you always turn your sleeves while ironing. 

Step 5 

If you want, you don’t have to iron the sleeves round. This means that if you want a longitudinal fold, you should first iron the front and then the back of your sleeve.

This gives you a crease on the outside.

Step 6

After ironing the sleeve, you should let it cool down briefly. Shake the shirt out, but not too roughly. The cold ensures that the tissue expands minimally.

Step 7

When ironing the second arm, be careful not to wrinkle the first sleeve again. 

The sleeve should always point away from the body so that you do not press it against the sleeve board. 

How do I clean my sleeve board?

It is not necessary to clean the board yourself. Simply remove the foam cover and put it in the washing machine.

My cover for the board broke – what to do?

If your cover breaks at some point or just doesn’t look as beautiful anymore, you can get a new spare cover for little money. 

Just search online for a sleeve board cover and it will feel like a new product again.

This is particularly worthwhile for higher quality sleeve boards. If your sleeve board is of a lower quality, you can also consider ordering a new one for a similar price.