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With many style options available one could purchase a portable garage to match their vehicle, and then utilize it to tent a family gathering. Good quality portable garages feature an incredibly strong steel frame with a polyethylene canopy. Made to last a portable garage will maintain its strength and efficiency throughout any season.

What are the Portable Garages and Carports in 2019?

  1. Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet Outdoor Carport Canopy with 6 Steel Legs
  2. VINGLI 10’x20′ Domain Carport Car Canopy
  3. Palram Vitoria Carport & Patio Cover 16 x 10 x 8
  4. Outsunny 32′ x 20′ Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent/Carport
  5. ShelterLogic 6′ x 6′ Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof
  6. King Canopy HC1020PC 10-Feet by 20-Feet Hercules 8-Leg Canopy
  7. Abba Patio Storage Shelter 7 x 12- Feet Outdoor Carport
  8. Caravan Canopy 10 X 20-Feet Domain Carport
  9. ShelterLogic 10′ x 15′ x 8′ All-Steel Metal Frame Round Style Roof Instant Garage
  10. Ikuby SUV Carport
  11. Arrow 12′ x 20′ x 7′ 29-Gauge Carport with Galvanized Steel Roof Panels
  12. ShelterLogic ShelterTUBE Storage Shelter, Grey, 12 x 20 x 11 ft.
  13. Instant/Portable/ Temporary/Fabric Garages by Rhino Shelters
  14. TopCamp 10×20 ft Pop up Canopy
  15. Bestmart INC 10x15ft Heavy Duty Carport Portable Garage Storage Shed Canopy

Carports and portable garages come in different sizes and with the option of standard or heavy-duty materials, depending on your plan of use.

Take the first step to protecting your possessions and gaining back the space you’ve lost with a versatile portable garage.



#1 Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet Outdoor Carport Canopy with 6 Steel Legs

#2 VINGLI 10’x20′ Domain Carport Car Canopy

#3 Palram Vitoria Carport & Patio Cover 16 x 10 x 8

#4 Outsunny 32′ x 20′ Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent/Carport

#5 ShelterLogic 6′ x 6′ Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof

#6 King Canopy HC1020PC 10-Feet by 20-Feet Hercules 8-Leg Canopy

#7 Abba Patio Storage Shelter 7 x 12- Feet Outdoor Carport

#8 Caravan Canopy 10 X 20-Feet Domain Carport

#9 ShelterLogic 10′ x 15′ x 8′ All-Steel Metal Frame Round Style Roof Instant Garage

#10 Ikuby SUV Carport

#11 Arrow 12′ x 20′ x 7′ 29-Gauge Carport with Galvanized Steel Roof Panels

#12 ShelterLogic ShelterTUBE Storage Shelter, Grey, 12 x 20 x 11 ft.

#13 Instant/Portable/ Temporary/Fabric Garages by Rhino Shelters

#14 TopCamp 10×20 ft Pop up Canopy

#15 Bestmart INC 10x15ft Heavy Duty Carport Portable Garage Storage Shed Canopy

Buyers Guide for Best Portable Garages and Carports in 2019

What is a carport?

A carport is often available in the form of a kit that you have to assemble yourself. Some manufacturer gives you the option of installing carport with additional charges. Depending on the size of the carport and your local laws (which depend on the state and the municipality) you may need permission from appropriate authorities. 

The simple definition for the carport is the semi-open garage. This refers to the open walls, which are a clear contrast to the garage with closed sidewalls.

The carport roof usually has support from the posts and not by a brick wall. The supports can be fixed or removable depending on your model. Usually, these supports have crossbars which give stability to the carport. 

How does carport work?

The structure or design of your carport will directly affect its function. The roof and side walls (if any) protect from rain, sun, and snow. The level of protection depends on the quality of the construction materials of the carport. 

Some of the common materials are wood, steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate.

Some fixed carports are a good alternative of the closed garages. The support poles of fixed carports are embedded in the ground, so you can get high stability.

Advantages & Applications of portable garages

Unlike a traditional garage, the carport is lighter, cheaper and requires less space. 

Another advantage of the open design is that the exhaust air escapes easily. The strong ventilation in carports doesn’t let moisture and pollutants to settle inside. 

Depending on the type and model of the carports, you can install a solar panel on the roof surface. This improves energy efficiency and you can save money.

Since portable garages are not a permanent structure, it’s easier to get the permission of installing it. It’s very important to contact your local legal authorities to know more in detail. 

Moisture inside can cause rust or corrosion. Therefore, ventilation is a very important factor to consider in the garage. The carport rules out such problems because here the car often has ventilation from at least two sides. 

Even if it is a carport with only the driveway open, you do not have to worry about the air circulation. Often there is a circumferential opening on all sides.

What types of carport are there?

The carports are available in numerous variants. You can differentiate them based on the material, their size, and design or the type of roof. 

The typical materials for carports are wood, steel, and aluminum. The construction material affects the durability and visual appearance of the carport. The material is particularly important for the load-bearing capacity.

When deciding on a roof shape, there are several aspects to consider. Some of them are space available and the roof shape of your house.

A carport with a saddle or hipped roof is a very good option for a small area as it seems to squeeze between the houses. With less space, simple flat roofs are also very popular.

The classic carport variant is the single carport, which offers space for one vehicle. In many households there are two cars, so you can choose carport suitable for multiple vehicles. Here are the basic dimensions about twice as large and in the middle additional posts are used to support the weight of the roof.

There are also carports with additional storage if you do not want to use your carport just to park your car but want additional storage space. However, you need more space for this. The enclosed area is often behind the actual carport and provides storage space for bicycles, garden tools, and other things. 

Also, there are carports roofs with grasses and moss which provides sealing.

Advantages of the carports:

  • Good ventilation of the parking space for the car
  • Easy to get permission from authorities.
  • Simple assembly
  • Multiple uses and various add-ons available

The disadvantages of carports:

  • No additional theft protection
  • More susceptible to weather than a garage.

Things to Consider While Buying Portable Car Garage


Portable carports are available in many sizes which can fit any vehicle, from the small economy car up to the big trucks and SUVs. You can also choose the multi-vehicle portable car garage. Multi-vehicle portable garages are a common choice for those who have more than one car. 

Most of the manufacturers mention the length and width of carports. But apart from width and length, height is another essential factor to consider. This is especially important if you are planning to park RV or boat in it.

The standard width dimension of the carport is of 10 feet and length starts from 10 feet to 20 feet. You can also find longer and wider carports, but they are not that common and generally manufactured as a custom order. Usually, the height of carports is mentioned from the tallest point to the ground. 

This measurement is not a correct representation of the overall height of carport. It is recommended to measure support pole length to determine whether your vehicle will have optimum space or not.

Construction materials

High-quality carports are built to last. Portable car garages constructed with heavy-duty all-steel frames and treated canopies can withstand the harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain, wind, sleet, ice, and snow. 

By protecting against all kinds of environmental assaults, quality carports will keep your vehicle safe and protected.

In laymen terms, the two most common types of materials used in carports are metals and poly materials. Both varieties of materials have their pro and cons.

For most good quality portable carports, the cover is of polyurethane, and the frame is of aluminum or steel. This combination of material provides durability, lightweight, better protection and is easy to transport.

The factors you should consider for portable carports are:

  • The cover should be waterproof and fire retardant
  • Cover should be treated to provide mildew and UV rays protection.
  • The frame should be rust and corrosion-resistant.

Carports are also an ideal solution for summer storage. They have ample room for single or multiple vehicles and feature open or closed sided models. These versatile sheds are available in different sizes to fit your motorcycle, truck, or RV. You can also use them to store your boat for the winter. Virtually anything can be stored in a portable garage that you want to keep safe from the ravages of winter. The heavy-duty frames are made of steel and treated to resist the harshest of conditions.


Portable carports are less durable in comparison to fixed carports.

Metal carports are generally installed using bolts and are kind of permanent structure. Metal carports have a rigid and robust steel frame and corrugated sheets of metal as covering. They offer more protection and last for a long time.

Portable carports are lightweight and generally have poly material as covering. They are easy to install, remove and transport. They are not as durable as metal carports but provide a decent level of protection.


Portable carports are cheaper as compare to the fixed carports. They are also easy to install and doesn’t require any professional help, unlike fixed carports.

There are many cheap portable carports available in the market, but they are constructed using inferior quality materials. These sheds generally don’t last for a long time.

Good quality portable carports should have a rigid frame with the powdered covering to protect against corrosion. They should also have treated cover to provide UV and mildew protection


Carport with steel, stainless steel or aluminum as construction materiel offers a modern look. You can also find visually appealing carports made using a combination of metal and wood. 

You should select the design that suits your taste and fits the already existing or just-built house.

The post strength

The strength of the carport posts must fit the overall construction. The bigger and heavier the carport is, the more stable and thicker the posts should be. In a simple single carport, the post thickness is often 12 or 14 cm. However, some models have a post thickness of 16 cm to 20 cm. 

The assembly

The portable garages are available as a normal kit, as a precast or custom made. If you do not want to assemble yourself, some manufacturers offer a complete service including installation. With some additional cost, a professional team of staff takes care of the assembly. 

Care and maintenance

A wooden carport needs much more care than a model made of aluminum or steel. Especially when it comes to untreated wood, painting is very important.

The History of the Carports

The term carport has been known since the 1920s. Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect, designed the shelters along with the then-popular prairie houses.

The early carports in the US took some time to find their fans in Europe. Over the twentieth century, consumers began to appreciate the benefits. The open design had a great architectural effect because the whole structure looked light and elegant. But this modern form did not fit into all residential areas.

It was not until the 1970s that interest in carports gradually increased. It was found that the exhaust gases and pollutants escape faster than a closed garage. Besides, the users and also the car experts found that rusting is more likely to occur in cars in the closed garage. In the 1990s, as the construction boom began, more and more manufacturers start manufacturing carports.

For the classic garage, there was still a high demand, but the carport was now also on the road to success. Among other things, the reason was cheaper price, moreover, it was more convenient because of the lack of planning permission to opt for the open solution.

The great enthusiasm for the carports meant that the structural and legal conditions were revised. In the various federal states, there are currently various requirements, we advise you to check carefully. 

Today’s carport is much more than just a parking space. In some cases, it is even used to generate energy by integrating solar panels on the roof. 

FAQ related to carports

What is the difference between carport and garage?

A garage has closed walls and a gate that can be closed, while a carport is open and is usually supported by posts. That is why the carport is also referred to as the semi-open car garage.

In the roof shape, both the carport and in the garage have several options, from the flat roof to the pyramid-shaped roof. For a garage, the building permit is a requirement. But for carports, it may not be necessary depending on your local regulations. 

How big is the carport?

For small cars, the carport should be at least 3 m wide and 5 m long, for midsize cars 4 m wide and up to 7 m long, at a height between 2.2 and 3 m. 

For larger sedans and luxury cars, you need more space, so that there is no problem in opening the car door and the car is completely protected.

When do you need a building permit for the carport?

On the one hand, the state building regulations apply, on the other hand, the cities and municipalities have their regulations. 

Therefore, before purchasing a carport, you should obtain information about the individual regulation from your local authorities. There may be specific specifications for a blueprint or fire protection.

How important is the carrying capacity of the carport roof?

The load capacity of the roof says something about the possibilities of use. A solar roof or a green roof needs a secure substructure. The height of the load is given per square inch and also gives information about the maximum snow load.

Why does a wooden carport regularly need a coat of paint?

With the protective coating, the wood is reliably protected from the weather. It is important for the protection against moisture and temperature fluctuations. A good wood finish also keeps out pests and does not let the wood to become when exposed to UV rays.

How do I set up the carport?

You can follow the instruction manual to assemble your carport. However, you should at least work with two people when it comes to attaching the roof. 

Why Use Carports To Store Your Car?

Summer will soon be a memory, and the autumn breezes and leaves will be blowing in. How will you store that car you’ve been enjoying tinkering on? Or, that you brought out for all the late spring and summer car shows?

1. Make sure it’s covered and shielded from the wind and sun.

Improper coverage will age your car quickly! The care and maintenance, while it’s in storage, is essential, too.

That’s why, even with the smallest of spaces, we advocate for you having onsite storage – a portable garage cover. It gives you the freedom to do the maintenance on your vehicle plus a chance to protect it yourself. Besides, who is going to care for it better than you?

2. Clean and detail your car regularly.

Dust builds up fast. And, it seems even quicker when your vehicle is sitting still.

Remember, to wash it regularly and clean the inside and the out. A good cover of wax will also help protect your vehicle in between washings.

3. If your car is sitting for a while, drain the fluids.

Fluids sitting in your tanks and reservoirs can deteriorate your car from the inside.

If you’re not going to run it at all, then drain those and fill them up to new when you’re ready to roll.

4. Bounce the mice away.

Okay, I heard this from an auto insurance agent. I am not sure how much truth there is in this. Anything sitting still has a higher chance of getting mice or other pests.

Place a bounce dryer sheet in your vehicle, and it will keep the mice away. And, often check to make sure nothing else has decided to use this perfect place as their new home.

5. Provide for airflow.

A closed up vehicle can get very stuffy and even moldy. Crack the windows open just a bit so there will be good airflow and ventilation.

Portable car garage products offer protection for your vehicle. We have compiled the product list with different sizes and canopy styles for you to have numerous options to find the exact portable car garage you need.

So stop leaving your car out in the elements to take a beating and rapidly lose useful life and value. Protect it with one of the high-quality carports.

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