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One of the significant advantages of a portable air conditioner without vent is that it does not require any exhaust pipe. This saves the installation of a duct which is usually needed to ensure the evacuation of heat. In this article, you will find all the information you will need for portable air conditioners.

Which are the best portable air conditioners in the market?

  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier
  • FRIGIDAIRE 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  • Haier HPC12XCR Portable Electronic Air Conditioner
  • Whynter Elite ARC-122DS
  • Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan

Best Portable Air Conditioners Reviews

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

Dyson pure not only cool/warm your home but also purify the air of your room. This portable air conditioner gives you the possibility to heat your home to an ambient temperature of 37 °.

In summer Dyson pure hot + cool air purifier captures the warm air and produces cold air. If you suffer from an allergy, then it is beneficial. It can get rid of all the polluting particles in the air, which are usually responsible for allergy.

In this model, you can opt for the Jet Focus to benefit on targeted air distribution, or you can choose the diffuse mode.

Advantages of the Dyson pure hot+cool air purifier

  • Dyson pure purifies the air in your home and can get rid of all pollutants and allergens using its active carbon filters
  • It is silent during operation.
  • Dyson pure can be used in jet focused mode or diffused mode.
  • This is very useful for people with respiratory diseases
  • The installation of Dyson pure air purifier is straightforward and does not require the help of an expert.
  • It can be controlled using Alexa’s voice.
  • You can monitor real-time reports of humidity, temperature, and filter life using Dyson link app in the smartphone.
  • The manufacturer offers its customers two years warranty.
  • Dyson pure is energy efficient and low on maintenance.

Disadvantages of the Dyson pure hot+cool air purifier

  • The weight of the unit could be a problem when handling it.
  • The air diffusion spectrum is limited as compared to traditional air conditioner units.

FRIGIDAIRE 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner by Frigidaire is energy efficient with excellent cooling efficiency. It has a sleek design and gives a powerful performance with three fan speeds. It has a maximum airflow rating of 200 CFM which can efficiently cool rooms up to 550 square feet. It has a dry mode which can remove 3 pints of water per hour from air.

Frigidaire portable air conditioner features oscillating louvers which can cool evenly and quickly by circulating air up and down. It is energy efficient (approximate annual energy cost: 95 dollars) and has a sound rating of 53 decibels.  For easy control, it comes with remote control and has in-built Wi-Fi. It can be easily controlled using google assistant, Amazon Alexa, and smartphone.

Advantages of the Frigidaire 12000 BTU

  • Five-year warranty for the compressor.
  • Removable filters which can be vacuumed and washed.
  • Wheels on bottom
  • 24-hour programmable timer, auto-restart feature and sleep mode

Disadvantages of the Frigidaire 12000 BTU

  • Weighs 78 pounds, which can be a problem if you have to move it up and down the stairs.

Haier HPC12XCR Portable Electronic Air Conditioner

Haier HPC12XCR is a lightweight, portable air conditioner with powerful performance and many features. Its operating modes like dehumidifying, circulating air, and cooling makes sure to give you the highest comfort.

Haier HPC12XCR weighs around 56 pounds and has a compact portable design for convenience. It also comes with 5 feet long exhaust pipe for removing hot air. It has a cooling power of 12000 BTU and a maximum airflow of 188 CFM. This portable air conditioner is sufficient for rooms with area up to 550 square feet. It works well even in humid conditions as it can remove 4 pints of water per hour from air.

Advantages of the Haier HPC12XCR

  • Energy efficient with an efficiency rating of EER 9.5
  • Programmable auto on/off
  • Remote control
  • Five-year warranty on compressor
  • Suitable in humid conditions

Disadvantages of the Haier HPC12XCR

  • Needs window for exhaust air


This model is a simple and compact portable air conditioner by Black + Decker, which is ideal for small rooms. It weighs around 52 pounds and has handles on sides. On the downside, it is not as efficient in cooling as other portable air conditioners in the list. We recommend to use it if you have a small area and require a compact unit.

This portable unit comes with a remote control which has features like max mode, sleep mode, and auto on/off. It also has a display screen on the unit with five buttons to choose the method of operation. This portable ac performs average in noise rating and gives the level of 58 dBa an SPL meter.

Advantages of the Black + Decker BPACT08WT

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Energy efficient
  • Suitable for small rooms with limited area
  • Inexpensive

Disadvantages of the Black + Decker BPACT08WT

  • Lacks in cooling efficiency

Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan

Honeywell HYF290B is a low-cost alternative for portable air conditioners. It is ultra-quite and has eight different speed settings. This model has a modern design that will fit perfectly into any decor.

Honeywell HYF290B is compact in size and will have no trouble finding its place in your living room, your bedroom, or even your bathroom. It comes with a remote control which allows you to choose the setting according to your preference.

Advantages of the Whynter ARC-122DS

  • Dual hose
  • Very efficient in hot and humid conditions
  • Low in noise

Disadvantages of the Whynter ARC-122DS

  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Hard to install

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

This powerful portable air conditioner is one the best in our list in terms of cooling efficiency. If you are living in areas where summers are harsh, then we recommend you to check this dual-hose portable unit.

Even with dual-hose and powerful cooling, it doesn’t make much noise. An SPL meter it has a rating of 55,9 dBa.  This 12000 BTU portable air conditioner is enough for rooms with area up to 400 sq. Feet. It weighs around 60 pounds and has wheels on the bottom to move around.

Whynter ARC-122DS has features such as adjustable digital thermostat dehumidifier and 24-hour programmable timer.

Tips To Buy Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are a low-cost solution and highly efficient in small to mid-size rooms. They are energy efficient and good alternative in place of the regular air conditioner unit. In short, portable air conditioners are a more straightforward and more economical alternative.

You don’t have to wait for the summer to buy portable air conditioners. If you purchase in advance, you will have more chance to find the air conditioner cheaper.

  • Before purchasing a portable air conditioner, ask yourself the question of the use that you will make of it. Will you frequently use your Portable air conditioner? Do you live in a humid area? Do you live in a scorching area? Are you looking for one which can be used in winters too?
  • To find the best Portable air conditioners, you will need to look at the power of the unit. This criterion is crucial for your portable air conditioner to cool the room efficiently. It is also essential to choose a portable air conditioner which doesn’t make much noise, especially if you want to operate it at night in your bedroom.
  • There are some mobile air conditioner models which don’t require any exhaust vent. This is useful in rooms where you don’t have any window.
  • Before you buy the unit, it is essential to know its dimensions. This will give you an idea about space portable air conditioner will acquire.

The portable air conditioner can cool the air in a very efficient way. They are efficient and doesn’t lack in performance as compared to standard air conditioners. You can adjust these air conditioners according to your preference and needs.

Portable air conditioners are easy to move thanks to the wheels that are provided for this purpose.

How Portable Air Conditioner works

This type of air conditioners draws warm air from your room to distribute it as cold air. They are also very quiet and don’t make much noise while working.

Most of them come with an IR remote control and some even with voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant)

The portable air conditioners are very easy to clean and move. Usually, they come with the wheel at the bottom. This kind of air conditioners is affordable, guarantees your comfort, and makes your life easier.

Tips for Portable Air Conditioner

There number of models of portable AC with their pros and cons. Portable AC without exhaust is an excellent option to use in a small room which doesn’t have any window. If you need something more powerful, then choose from one hose or dual hose portable unit.

  • The air conditioner with one hose is effective in cooling. However, if you have to use it in a humid area then choose dual hose portable AC.
  • If you have a small window, then select the one with a small exhaust vent diameter
  • Apart from checking cooling efficiency, you should also check features like the dehumidifier.
  • Check the noise rating
  • Some models can act as both heater and cooler depending on the settings. For example, Dyson pure can be used both in winters and summers.
  • Make sure that your portable air conditioner comes with remote control. There are some models which also work with voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.

How much is BTU sufficient?

  • The power of 7000 BTU is equivalent to 1950 Watts; it is perfect for rooms with an area of 15 m².
  • With 9000 BTU, your air conditioning will be able to cool a room of 25 m ² thanks to 2500 watts.
  • With 3500 watts, which corresponds to 12 000 BTU, the room with an area of 35 m²

Generally, to buy the best portable air conditioner, you can count 130 watts for a single m² if your ceiling is less than 2.50 meters.

There is another range on the market, but it is costly since the power reaches 14,000 BTU is 4100 watts. It remains ideal for a room whose area reaches nearly 54 m².

For a daily and regular use, it is necessary to count rise of 15% for your electric bill if your device is not energy efficient. That’s why it is crucial to buy the unit which has high energy efficiency.

Maintenance of portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioner models with containers must be cleaned regularly. Remember to drain the container which stores water, especially if you want to reduce the humidity. Portable AC usually has a tank in the back with a small valve which you can use to drain water.

Once a year, it is essential to remove the filters and clean all the dust. Portable AC doesn’t require as much maintenance as a regular Air conditioner, but it is essential to drain water and clean filters regularly.

The installation of portable AC is much simpler, plug the power, position the exhaust vent at the window and enjoy a cool and pleasant room. Remember that these units are more efficient for small rooms. If you are looking AC for mid to large size room, then check out this post.

The Criteria for Choosing Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are the low-cost alternative of conventional AC. They are compact, which means you can carry them from one room to other easily. The maintenance and energy cost for the portable air conditioner is substantially less.

You can choose from different BTU of portable air conditioner models depending on the size of your room.

Most portable AC can work as a dehumidifier, which is an excellent option if you live in a humid area. Some of the models can even work as a heater in the cold temperature.

Some portable air conditioner doesn’t require exhaust vent. This is an advantage to use in rooms with no windows.

Some portable AC features oscillating louvers, which allows cooling the room evenly. Although these units are a little expensive, it improves the cooling efficiency significantly.