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The modern chandelier is the comeback of the classic chandelier. The trend of chandelier in modern rooms is mainly because a modern chandelier unbelievably enhances the space.

A chandelier can be very expensive due to the use of a variety of bulbs. Therefore, you should pay attention to the energy efficiency of your chandelier. The look of the modern chandelier should adapt to the room. First and foremost, make sure that the color and size match the decor of the rest of the room.

Welcome to our post on modern chandelier reviews and buyer’s guide. We want to make your purchase easier and help you find the best modern chandelier for you. We bought together all the information on the modern chandelier. Furthermore, you will also find on this page some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a modern chandelier.

Editors Pick

ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier

The ANTILISHA offers you a real eye-catcher and makes your room sparkle. The unique composition of three rings makes the design an absolute dream among the chandeliers. This pendant light not only looks good, but it also helps you to save a lot.

On the one hand, it has an unbeatable price and, on the other hand, it does not need much power because it is very energy efficient.

The combination of the LEDs and the high-quality crystals will give you a hanging lamp that not only looks fantastic but also illuminates your space in a balanced and perfect way.

This modern chandelier is suitable for almost all rooms, whether it’s a study, bedroom, living room or kitchen. This chandelier convinces above all by its design, its high quality, and a very good price-performance ratio.

VINLUZ 8 Light Sputnik Chandelier 

The VINLUZ offers you a modern and unique metal chandelier for a very good price. The material is very durable and according to the manufacturer 100% resistant to fading, rust, and corrosion.

With this chandelier, you can use LED/Halogen/Incandescent/CFL type of bulbs. The chandelier is available in five different finishes. With its unique design, it is a special eye-catcher and gives your room a completely new atmosphere.

This chandelier convinces above all by its unbeatable price, its outstanding quality, and it’s beautiful design.

10 Best Modern Chandelier 


Product Name



ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier


VINLUZ 8 Light Sputnik Chandelier 


Westinghouse Lighting 6333600 Stella


Anmytek C0014 Modern Chandelier


VINLUZ Indoor Modern Pendant


Light Society Modern Industrial Chandelier 


Jazava Industrial Sputnik Chandelier


CRYSTOP Crystal Chandelier Modern


Saint Mossi Modern Raindrop Chandelier


ELINKUME 23W Modern Chandelier

Buyers Guide for Modern Chandelier

What is a modern chandelier?

A modern chandelier is a way to illuminate a room in your apartment. It gives your living room an extra touch of elegance. 

A chandelier consists of different light elements and various elements such as metal, gemstone, glass or plastic ensure the refraction of light, which results in a wonderful play of light.

In classic chandeliers, the frame is made of metal and the decorative element that makes the chandelier the eye-catcher mostly consists of glass or crystal.

Chandeliers are usually attached to the ceiling by thick ropes or chains.

The heaviest chandelier has a considerable weight of around 12 tons. But do not worry modern chandeliers are adapted to today’s needs and are therefore not that heavy.

Did you know that there are chandeliers that can weigh several tons?

These heavy and at the same time splendid chandelier can be found especially in very well-known buildings. Probably the largest chandeliers hang in the Vienna City Hall and the “Muayede Salonu” of the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul

The chandelier in the Vienna City Hall weighs a whopping 3.2 tons and the chandelier in the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul weighs a proud 12 tons and has a diameter of 10 meters.

How big should a modern chandelier be?

The perfect size for your modern chandelier depends on the room size and your preferences. The chandelier should be adapted to the room size to avoid disproportionate dimensions. In a small room, choose a small chandelier to match. In a large room, you can select the larger model.

To properly stage the modern chandelier, you need a room with high ceilings.

For low ceilings, the modern chandelier mustn’t hang too low; otherwise, the chandelier loses its effect.

It is important to adjust the size of the chandelier to the room.

How much does a modern chandelier cost?

The prices of a chandelier vary due to various factors. One factor is the material of the chandelier. If the individual light elements are made of glass, the chandelier is considerably cheaper than if it is a crystal.

The price range of a modern chandelier starts at about 40 dollars and can go up to the four-digit range.

Where can I buy a modern chandelier?

You can buy Modern chandeliers in furniture stores, in antique shops, and many online shops

What alternative is there to a modern chandelier?

There are several alternatives to modern chandelier. In the following list, we will mention some of the alternatives.

Antique chandelier

Antique chandeliers are especially popular in dining room tables and living rooms.

They give the room a festive and sumptuous atmosphere and usually made of copper, bronze or brass.

Country house chandelier

A country-style chandelier resembles an antique chandelier. However, the basic structure of the country-style chandelier is simpler.

Retro chandelier

Retro chandeliers bring a nostalgic flair in your living room.

They are especially popular because they remind of the good old times and create a cozy atmosphere. Along with other retro furniture, a retro chandelier looks especially authentic.

Things to consider in modern chandeliers

In the following section, we want to show you how you can compare and rate modern chandeliers. This will make it easier for you to decide if a particular chandelier is right for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Weight
  • Lamp
  • Light color
  • Design


A modern chandelier can also bring a considerable weight on the scales. Therefore, you should make sure that your ceiling can handle this high weight.

It is important to check the load capacity of the ceiling before you buy a chandelier.

Especially for old building ceilings, you should be very careful. These often do not withstand too much stress. Therefore, you should attach the modern chandelier directly to the ceiling beams, because there is the highest stability.


A modern chandelier should not only look beautiful, but it should also fill the room with enough light. Various bulbs can be used in a modern chandelier.

In the past, candlesticks were used as lighting for chandeliers. Today, most manufacturers prefer LED lights and energy-saving lamps.

LED lamps have the advantage that they can be individually adjusted to the light requirement because almost all LED lamps can be dimmed.

Furthermore, there are different light colors with which you can give the desired effect in the room.

Energy-saving lamps have the advantage that they are very energy-efficient and save in energy bills

The cost is particularly important in a chandelier because some chandelier has at least 30 bulbs and these large numbers of bulbs also require a lot of energy.

Light color

Another important purchase criterion is the light color of a lamp. The light color of a lamp indicates the characteristics of light.

There are three different light colors: warm white, neutral white and daylight white. The different colors come through different color temperatures to conditions.

The following table gives details of the light colors, color temperatures and the effect of the light.

Light color Color temperature Effect
Warm white below 3300K The light color is perceived as cozy and comfortable.
Neutral white 3300 to 5300 This light creates a factual atmosphere and has a character of artificial light
Daylight white 5300 This light color is technically, stimulating and fits in with incident daylight.

Today, LED lamps are available in almost all light colors, from warm white through universal white to daylight.

Pay attention to the indication of the light color when buying your LED lamp. New, innovative LED bulbs sometimes can adjust the light color via smartphone or remote control.


When making your purchase, always make sure that the chandelier not only looks nice but also matches the rest of the interior.

Modern chandeliers fit in almost all styles and sometimes a break in style can greatly enhance the overall appearance.

Before you buy a chandelier you should always pay attention to which design fits in your apartment. If you have a modern furnished apartment, you can safely buy a modern chandelier. 

But before you buy a modern chandelier you should ask yourself some questions, so that you buy the right chandelier.

In which room you will use modern chandelier?

Depending on the room, the size, but also the appearance may vary. In living rooms such as the dining room or the living room, a larger chandelier can be used.

For smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, you should use a smaller chandelier.

In what style is the room decorated?

If the room is already decorated in a modern style you can buy a modern chandelier.

However, if the room is very minimalist or classic you have to make sure to find a matching chandelier that does not add too much to the other styles.

Which color should the chandelier have?

The color of a chandelier greatly influences its effect.

In addition to the classic chandelier with glittering and shimmering crystals or glass elements, there are also alternatives in white or black or in bright colors.

The color of the chandelier plays a very big role because the color of the chandelier gains extravagance. The colors of a chandelier range from black to red and pink – there is something for every taste.

How do I care for a modern pendant light?

A chandelier is very difficult to clean and keep clean due to its complicated structure. Most chandeliers consist of several branches, which are connected.

Because of this, a chandelier is a true dust collector.

To clean a chandelier of dust and other impurities you can use a duster or the soft nylon brush of the vacuum cleaner.

Every year, the chandelier should be cleaned once. To clean a modern chandelier you need lukewarm water and a dishwashing liquid.

You have to put the detergent in lukewarm water, then soak a cloth into the water and wipe or clean the chandelier with the wet cloth.

Water can lead to limescale if you do not perform the cleaning properly. To avoid this, it is best to use distilled water.

Before you start cleaning the modern chandelier, you should put a newspaper under the chandelier to protect the floor.

When cleaning you should make sure that you turn the fuse out before. Only when the chandelier is completely dry, you can turn the fuse back on.