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There are many tools and cool useful kitchen gadgets in the market for the kitchen. Some of them are useful, time-saver and make cooking in the kitchen more efficient. Unfortunately, there are also many kitchen gadgets which are just worthless. Problem is its hard to find good quality and affordable kitchen gadgets. Below we narrow down some of the best, time-saving and cool useful kitchen gadgets which will definitely make cooking in the kitchen more fun.

Even if you are an expert chef or beginner in the kitchen. These are the gadgets that will certainly make cooking in the kitchen easier and faster.

Coconut Opener

Coconut water is really refreshing and nothing is better when you take it out fresh. But the problem is it’s really hard to break coconut without any special tools. Even if you take that water by puncturing soft eye od coconut still breaking any getting inside part is hard, tiresome and time-consuming.

With this kitchen gadget, we found in Amazon breaking coconut is really easy. You don’t need to empty your toolbox ever again while dealing with coconut anymore. With this easy to use the tool, take out the juice by using the tip and puncturing the soft eye of coconut. Then use the side part to smack and break the coconut. The reason why you should not use your knife to break is simple. Knives are expensive and they may get cracked or chipped if you smack them on coconut hard shell.


If you have ever baked then probably you know how useful this kitchen gadget can be. Good quality duster should have comfortable to use and easy to clean. Quality is also very important as nobody likes to replace it often even though it is cheap.

This RSVP Chef’s Duster is made up of high-quality stainless steel and is dishwasher friendly. This duster is easy to clean and use. The only drawback we found that its mesh is not suitable for indigents with fine crystal.

This duster has a comfortable handle which makes blending, dusting and even scooping very easy. This is one of the must-have in cool useful kitchen gadgets in the kitchen.

Round Checkerboard Cake Pan Set

Cooking is more like an art, especially with the baking. Everyone loves a beautiful cake. The appearance of cake is no longer limited to outside only. Most bakers try to make it more appealing from inside also (after you cut it). Well with this next kitchen gadget you can make your own fancy looking cake at home without any sophisticated professional kitchen tools.

This set comes with three 9” x 1.5” cake pans and the dividing ring, to bake 3-layer checkerboard cake easy. If you are getting the problem of color mixing and bleeding after baking, then its recommended to use a thicker batter.

Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

Even though dishwasher, cleans and washes out dishes quit efficiently. Most of us prefer to wash our dishes before using the dishwasher. Sometimes if you have very few dishes, it’s simply illogical to wait 45 minutes and waste all that water and energy. That is why good quality soap dispensing palm brush is must-have kitchen gadget.

This brush from Amazon is easy to use and very efficient in removing the toughest of stains. You just have to fill it with dish soap and it dispenses it while washing with a slight push. It also has high-quality durable nylon bristles which are safe for non-stick pans.

Compact Cherry and Olive Pitter

Cherry pitter is the device which helps you to remove pits or seeds easily. This is very handy to tool if you are making the cherry pie or simple love eating cherries. A good quality pitter is a kitchen gadget which should able to do this efficiently without destroying the fruit.

This cherry pitter in the link below is compact and affordable. It speeds up the tedious process of removing the pit. Just load the chamber with cherry and press down. Pit will be removed and get collected in the chamber below which you can clean easily latter.

If you are looking for the more professional option then check out TSM Products Cherry Pitter.

Rollie Quick Egg Cooker

This kitchen gadget is the mess-free, fast and healthy way to cook eggs. Rollie quick egg cooker makes scrambled eggs with the twist. You have to crack eggs from the top opening, add some veggies or cheese and that’s it. After 6-7 minutes your omelet in cylindrical shape will come out.

Rollie quick egg cooker comes with 5 wooden skewers, cleaning brush and booklet with 25 recipes. It is very easy to clean but it is not dishwasher safe.

Quality of this gadget is not that good and it tends to cook down part more than the rest of the egg.  Also, the way cooked egg comes out after cooking is not that appealing.

Watermelon Slicer

If your kids like the popsicle, then for sure they will love watermelon popsicle. This kitchen gadget allows you to slice the watermelon in popsicle shape which will be a hit among kids.

Normally sliced watermelon always create a mess when kids eat it. With this affordable tool, you can slice the watermelon in popsicle shape. This way the kids can eat it easily without any mess.

This watermelon slicer is made up of plastic and stainless steel.

Dash Electric Round Griddle

An electric griddle is very popular nowadays, it has a temperature controller and heating element. You can cook almost everything in it like meat, fish, vegetables, crepes, and pancakes.

The compact griddle is mostly popular among college students or people who live alone. They are easy to store and make individual dish faster than the bigger ones. This kitchen gadget in the link below is lightweight, easy to clean and use.

If you are looking something compact for the small kitchen, college dorm or RV then check out more details from the link below.

Chopping Board

The good quality chopping board is very important in the kitchen. Imagine all those cutting and chopping you do for all the food. You really should not do in your countertop as it will scratch it and cost of maintaining countertop will be high then.

Cutting board in the link below is perfect for small kitchen. It has 3 different sized chopping board which can be stored easily in small spaces. For more details about this board click on the link below.

Egg Poacher

There are many egg Poacher available in the market. problem is most of them don’t give good results or very expensive. That’s why we added this affordable kitchen gadget on our list.

According to the most enthusiastic egg lover, poach eggs are best. A perfect poached egg should have running yolk along with hardened crust and zero raw white remaining.

This easy to use affordable egg poacher have a simple design and recommended for beginners or home cooking.

Butter Spreader

If spreading butter on corn cub seems like a time consuming and messy, then this kitchen gadget is for you. Every one loves evenly buttered corn on the cob. With the right tool, it doesn’t have to be hard or messy anymore.

Grilled corn on the cob deserves evenly spread butter. This butter spreader is easy to use and clean.

Salt or Pepper Grinder

Freshly ground spices and salt transforms the taste with exploding flavors. A quality grinder is must-have kitchen gadget in every kitchen. The grinder is used for grinding salt, pepper, spices, and herbs from coarse to fine.

Some features to look in quality grinder:

  • Grinder material: This effect the smooth working of grinding mechanism. The material should be strong and not corrode easily. It should also not affect the flavor of grounded ingredients.
  • Electric mechanism
  • Have LED lights?
  • Design and aesthetic appeal
  • Warranty

Cheese slicer

Quality cheese slicer is used to slice thin and precise cutting of cheese. They help to save time, energy and reduce wastage of cheese.

Below is the link of cheese slicer which is affordable and of simple design. It is made up of stainless steel and has a hole in between. When you move it over cheese it scraps out the piece of cheese from the hole.