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Ironing Boards Buyers Guide

What is an ironing board?

An ironing board is a board covered with fabric, which serves as a base for ironing. The standard version consists of a stand, surface for ironing, and the matching ironing board cover.

There are different variants of ironing boards, which differ considerably both in their equipment and in their purchase price. Particularly in terms of quality, extras and ironing comfort, the different models often differ from each other.

How much ironing board cost?

There is a wide price range between the different types of ironing boards. Depending on the quality and equipment of the ironing board, the costs differ considerably. The price range ranges from around 20 to 2000 dollars.

A classic free-standing ironing board can cost around 20 to 50 dollars. Even with cheap models, it may be that many extras such as a socket, a cable holder are included, but then the quality of the product often suffers.

With a steam ironing board, you have to expect prices of around 50 to 100 dollars. These often have more extras than the standard models and are also of higher quality. Active ironing boards have special functions that also influence the price. This is usually around 100 to 300 dollars.

An ironing system is the most expensive ironing board variant. Here the price starts at around 650 and goes up to 2000 dollars. The quality of this variant is also particularly high in most cases.

What types of ironing boards are there?

Simply put, an ironing board is a board with a fabric covering on a foldable metal frame. With the further development of irons, you can find different types of ironing boards in the market. 

Stand board

The standing ironing board is the standard variant.

Newer models have features such as an integrated socket or a cable holder.

Standard versions are inexpensive and handy due to the simple and low construction cost.

The practical thing about them is that they can be easily stowed away because they don’t have a lot of accessories and are relatively narrow. However, the latter can be the reason for low stability.

Table board

This type of ironing board has no metal frame. As the name suggests, you can simply use them by putting on a table. It is particularly suitable for small households with a small living space.

They are inexpensive and take up little space due to their small size.

The disadvantages are that the height cannot be adjusted individually, but always depends on the surface on which it is placed. Also, the ironing area is smaller than with normal ironing boards.

Wall-mounted ironing board

Here the ironing surface is mounted on a wall.

When you are ironing, it can be folded out. After ironing, it can be folded back. 

It is particularly suitable for households that have a fixed place for ironing, such as an ironing room.

Active ironing board

In comparison to the normal ironing board, the active ironing board has some additional functions. 

Some models have a suction function. This pulls the laundry onto the ironing board. The steam from the steam iron can penetrate the fabric better and is discharged downwards.

The advantages of this are that you can iron the laundry more easily and effectively. 

Other models have an inflation function. It creates a kind of air cushion between the garment and the ironing board. This ensures wrinkle-free results and increases the glide of the iron. The laundry also dries faster thanks to the blower function.

Some active ironing boards also have a heating function. This heats the entire ironing surface. The laundry dries faster. The ironing time is reduced and the ironing board cover does not get wet due to the steam of the steam iron. 

The advantages and disadvantages of the active ironing boards are briefly summarized here:


  • Additional functions such as suction or inflation function
  • Laundry dries faster
  • Gives wrinkle-free results
  • No condensation
  • Heating function prevents damping of the iron board cover


  • The water vapor blown down can damage laminate floors
  • Additional energy consumption
  • Additional background noise through the suction or blower function
  • Higher purchase price
  • Requires more storage space because it is larger than the standard version

Ironing board for steam station

In principle, you can use every ironing board for a steam station that has a sufficiently large storage area and has sufficient stability.

So you don’t have to buy a new ironing board.

If you use a cable holder, it should be wide enough so that it can also accommodate the steam hose.

However, an active ironing board is recommended for steam irons. They prevent the water from collecting under the cover and dripping onto the floor. 

The blower and heating functions make the laundry even more wrinkle-free and dry faster. This saves you time and effort.

What should I look for when buying an ironing board?

Every ironing boards are not the same in terms of quality and featuńĪres. If you want to iron a lot or want to get the ironing done quickly but effectively, it is important to take a closer look at it before buying. Because not only a good iron is responsible for the ironing result, but also the surface on which you iron.

Since there are so many different models and designs, you must know what is important to you. You should know what to expect from a good ironing board.

Ironing surface

Ironing boards are available with ironing surfaces of different sizes. In general, the size must be sufficient for your needs. Do you regularly iron larger textiles? Then your ironing area should be large enough. As a rule, items of clothing can be ironed the faster with the larger the surface area.

But be careful: especially with smaller people, the large surface can also be a hindrance. The length of the ironing surface on most ironing boards varies between 1.15 and 1.40 meters. In terms of width, boards from 35 to 50 cm are available.

If you don’t want to use an additional sleeve board, you should also pay attention to the shape of the pull-up side of the ironing board. This should not be too round so that you can also pull shirts or trousers legs over it.

Height adjustment

Another important criterion when deciding on the right ironing board is the height or the possibility of height adjustment. For most models, you can either adjust the height step by step or continuously from about 75 to 100 cm.

Infinitely variable height adjustment is usually advisable, as this is the only way to optimally adjust your ironing board to your height.

If an ironing board does not have a height adjustment, it can give back pain or neck tension with frequent use, since you cannot take an ideal posture when ironing.


If you buy your ironing board online, you cannot determine the stability with all certainty, but the feet of the ironing board already provide good information about the stability.

You can differentiate between 4-point feet or ironing boards that have two flat feet.

As a rule, the 4-point feet provide more stability because they adapt better to unevenness.

Also, make sure that the foot ends of your ironing board have rubber caps. This not only increases stability but also protects your floor from scratches


Security should also have a high priority when making a decision. If the frame collapses when ironing, it can cause severe burns and damage to the floor. The construction should be robust and safe.

The board shouldn’t wobble. The levers should not be loose but should be firmly attached to the frame. However, handling is easier if it can be easily folded up. This makes transportation and storage easier until the next day of ironing.

A good ironing board should have sufficient stability and at the same time be easy to fold up.

Board cover

The ironing board cover should not be neglected either. If it is too loose, it can wrinkle. In this way, further folds are ironed into the garments.

It is advisable to make sure that it fits well from the start, is adjustable and also removable. So it can be pulled tighter or exchanged for a new one if it no longer lies flat or if you no longer like the pattern.

FAQ for Iron Boards

Where can I buy ironing boards?

Ironing boards are available in many supermarkets, home furnishings, and hardware stores. 

Many online shops also have ironing boards in different versions in their range.

Do I need accessories?

Even if you iron occasionally, it makes sense to have a replacement ironing board cover. 

If the cover is too loose, there is a risk of ironing new folds into the laundry. Or if it is dirty, it is better to have an alternative at home. Dirty cover can make the freshly washed laundry dirty again.

If you iron a lot of shirts or blouses, you can benefit from a sleeve board. These accessories make ironing the sleeves easier. 

If you cannot stand for long but do not want to iron while sitting, an ironing stand can serve you well. Underneath is a standing chair that supports you in standing for long periods. So you can iron all your laundries in one go as usual.

Why is the ironing board dripping?

If there is a puddle of water under your ironing board, ask yourself where it comes from. Condensation often collects in the ironing board cover. If the material is already worn out, it can no longer absorb this water properly.

Another reason could be that the iron emits a lot of steam. Excess steam is often produced, especially with cheap steam irons.

Why does my ironing board squeak?

Squeaking is mostly a¬†side effect¬†of old service life. You don’t have to buy a new one straight away, you can put oil or wax on the hinges.¬†

If you have not used your ironing board for a long time then the cause is often an¬†overload. An ironing board is not designed to serve as a shelf. Especially households with an extra ironing room often don’t fold the ironing board after use, but use it as a storage space.¬†

This quickly becomes too much for the board and overloads the hinges. 

Which fabric is the best for the ironing board cover?

The fabric forms a cushion between the ironing board and the laundry. It should, therefore, be as thick as possible so that the surface of the board cannot be pushed through and leaves an unsightly pattern on your clothing. 

The pad should also be heat-resistant. The surface of the cover should be smooth and tight so that no creases can be ironed into the textiles. Some covers reflect the warmth of the iron. The laundry dries faster because the laundry is not only heated from above, but also from below. 

Most of the covers are made of cotton. The best ironing board cover has an appealing pattern, thick, heat-resistant padding, lies tight and can be tightened with a drawstring or cord.

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