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Do you want to have your CATV channels? With HDMI to rf modulator, you can now enjoy your custom channels. The advantage of this is that you can have your channels broadcast on as many TV as you want. With the best hdmi to rf modulator, you can get amazing high definition picture quality at fraction of cost. 

Best HDMI to RF modulators in the market

Most people prefer rf modulators because it gives them the freedom to use their old analog TV. With HDMI to RF converter, you can use HDMI as a source and Broadcast on the number of television sets. 


HDMI to Coax Modulator Send HDMI Video Source up 1080p to All TVs

Multicom – 1080P Component/HDMI Digital Encoder RF Modulator

33-11980 – High Definition ATSC RF Modulator 

HDMI to RF Coaxial Converter Modulator Box for Old TV 

HDMI to RCA, HDMI to AV Converter, Vilcome 

THE CIMPLE CO – RCA/Composite A/V to RF/Coax/Coaxial Converter – RF Modulator

HDMI to RF modulators Buying Guide

What are the advantages of hdmi to rf coax modulator?

The advantage of HDMI to rf modulator depends on your purpose of buying this device. Some people buy them because of nostalgia, they want to again enjoy the childhood memories of analog television.

With these modulators, you can save a decent amount of money, if you have multiple TV. The advantage is that they are reliable and functional.

Why should you buy good quality rf modulator, and only the best one?

Best quality HDMI to rf modulators gives you the high-definition picture quality in analog TV. With them, you can create your RF channels and broadcast on as many TVs as you want.

It is important to buy the best quality modulator for better pictures and a long service life. Cheap modules use inferior construction material and break down very easily. the encoder quality in them is also of sub-standard. In the long term best HDMI to rf modulators will not save you thousands of money but also give you crystal clear quality.

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What factors should you consider before buying the top hdmi to rf modulator?

If you want to buy the top hdmi to RF modulator, pay attention to below features:


Before buying modulators, check what other kinds of signals you can use as input. Most of the modulators support multiple kinds of signals as input. Also, check how many slots are available as input or output in the modulator.


If something is expensive it doesn’t mean it is the best. On the other hand, if you buy the cheapest rf modulator, you will most probably regret it.

You can find good quality modulator in the mid-price range of 300- 500 dollars. Check our recommended products as we included them in our list after hours of research. All of them have good product reviews and many happy customers.


Most hdmi to rf modulators are easy to setup. You don’t need to spend hours as they are simple as most come with instruction manuals. There are also some of the models where manufacturer provide you video link so you can easily set them up.

Before buying modulators, check if other customers had any problem or complained regarding setup.

Remote control

Most RF modulators come with the remote which makes using them much easier. With a remote controller, you don’t need to go to the main box for changing anything.

You may think buttons on modulators are also not that hard to press but believe me, it gets annoying if you have to get up every time.


Before buying HDMI to rf modulators, check what other kinds of signals you can use as input. Most of the modulators support multiple kinds of signals as input. Also, check how many slots are available as input or output in the modulator.


The last thing to consider while buying the best hdmi to rf modulator is what kind of amplifier it has. With a good inbuilt amplifier, you will not experience signal strength loss. Pay attention to what rating of distribution amplifier your modulator has. It should have a minimum of 25dB.

Which are the best hdmi to rf coax modulators available in today’s market?

There are several bad and good quality HDMI to rf modulators available in the market. According to our research, we included some of the best in the above list. For me the most functional, reliable and the best HDMI to rf modulator is

Where to find HDMI to coax rf converter modulator for tv?

You can find these modulators in online stores or some electronic stores. The products we listed above are all available online.

How rf modulator converter works?

RF modulator has an encoder which changes the other signals such as V/A signal or HDMI signal into RF signals. With HDMI to RF signal modulator, the HDMI signal gets changed into RF signal which you can use for many ways and purposes.