Researchers found that too much fat in our body and particularly saturated fat increases the cholesterol level in the bloodstream. High cholesterol level particularly LDL (bad) cholesterol level invites the risk of heart diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer and stroke. Body fat scales helps to keep track of vital statistics.

We cannot judge the fat of the body by the appearance of the person. If you are thin doesn’t necessarily means you have low body fat. While measuring body fat, age and gender also affect the results. Body fat scales help in achieving the required results by giving you enough data and plan your exercise and diet accordingly.

What are best-rated body fat scales in 2019

  1. Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale
  2. GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale
  3. Withings Smart Body Analyzer
  4. Bluetooth Smart Scale by weight gurus
  5. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

If you want to know why these scales are rated the top body fat scales and what they can do to measure your health progress, then read on. I will list the pros and cons of each body fat scales.

Best Body Fat Scale 2019

When it comes to monitoring health, some people like to keep things simple. You may want to monitor your weight with your simple scale. Simple scales are not as efficient as smart scales which can provide you data like muscle mass, body fat, muscle mass, and other key metrics.
These smart scale can you in understanding your overall health by providing metrics which you can easily access and monitoring using your phone. We compiled the list of best body fat scales and listed the pros and cons of each below.

#1 Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale

Ozeri touch body scale gives the incredibly accurate and consistent reading. This accuracy set them apart from other body fat scales. It is durable and has a sleek design which requires almost no maintenance.

It can be set up easily and has storage for 8 different users. It automatically powers up as you stand over it and turns off automatically which saves energy. For easy operation, it has 4 touch screen button and has impact-resistant tempered glass.

The display LCD screen makes it easy to read the measurements. It has a capacity of 440 lbs or 200 kg. it uses the advanced algorithm to accurately calculate your weight, muscle and bone fat, body mass and hydration.

#2 GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

You can measure your body fat, water and muscle proportion using getfit digital body fat scale by EatSmart Precision. This body scale doesn’t need to be set according to the user because of its automatic recognition feature.

At the time of publishing this article, it had 5600+ customer reviews on Amazon. This shows reliability and customer satisfaction with this product.

This body fat scale can recognize and store up to 8 different user profiles. It has a modern, sleek and slim design with a touch screen interface. It has a capacity of 400 lbs or 180 kg and works on 4 AAA batteries.

#3 Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled scale is one of the most advanced in the market. It has its own app where you can monitor your progress and set up goals. Its app is simple and pretty much straight forward to set up.

This body analyzer supports multiple users and can automatically recognize a different user profile. It has a large easy to read display.

On the downside, many people complained about the poor customer service and life of the product. It is also expensive as compared to the other body analyzers in our list.

#4 Bluetooth Smart Scale by weight gurus

This Bluetooth enabled smart scale measures BMI, weight, lean mass, body fat, bone mass and even water weight. Smart scale under “weight gurus” flagship can be sync with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and more. It comes with a free app which stores your progress and then can be shared with popular fitness apps.

This smart scale has features like auto calibration and can automatically detect up to 8 users. 4 precise sensors help in giving accurate results in an extra large LCD screen. It has scratch resistant tempered glass on top which can hold up to 400 lbs. This smart scale syncs data separately with 1:1 pairing which means only you can see your results.

On the downside, the user with an electronic implant or pacemaker should not use this. Also, children under 10 years and pregnant women should not use it.

The manufacturer also provides excellent support service and 5 years of warranty.

#5 RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

RENPHO smart scale measures 13 body metrics which are BMI, body weight, water%, fat %, muscle mass, skeleton muscle, bone mass, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, basal metabolism, visceral fat, protein and body age.

It has a modern sleek design and 4 visible sensors. These sensors give an idea for putting your feet while taking a measurement. The scale is made using quality ABS plastic and surface is of solid tempered glass. RENPHO body scale can measure up to 396 lbs or 180 kg and works on 3 AAA batteries.

This smart scale uses Bluetooth and can come with its own app. It can also be synced to Google fit, Fitbit app or apple health. At the time of publishing, it had 7500+ reviews in Amazon.

On the downside, it doesn’t display any other measurement except weight on the scale. But it is collected and can be checked on its app once your phone gets synced.

How a body fat scale works

Body fat scales work on a scientific technique known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer (BIA).

In body fat analyzer, the user steps on the sensors. The low unnoticeable electrical current passes up from one foot to leg then passes down to the other leg and foot.

Muscles are a better conductor of electricity as the comparison to the body fat.

Body fat scales able to analyze the resistance and gives the reading accordingly. The higher resistance will mean more body fat.

Before using the analyzer you need set up with information such as height, weight, age, gender etc.

Body fat analyzer will calculate the results from resistance information and the data which you have entered.

Features of Good Body Fat Scales

Display Screen

Body fat scales display the results in clear and easy to read fonts. Especially if you are standing on the scale, it should be easily readable and displayed for a time. Many body fat scales also include app where you can easily store your results and check your past results.

Analyzer Control and settings

Setting the body fat analyzer with user data is important for calculating accurate results. Many companies provide easy to follow instructions so that you can easily set up your machine.

Analyzer User profiles

Body fat scales can be used by multiple users. Good body fat scales include enough memory to store different profile according to users.

Connectivity with Wi-Fi scales

Body fat scales with Wi-Fi connectivity helps to check your results and records through an app or website. With this, you don’t have to worry about keeping track by noting down results every time.

Additional results and price

Body fat scales come in a wide range of price. Quality, accuracy, and features included effect the cost of body fat analyzer.

Somebody fat scales can give you results such as BMI (Body mass index), muscle mass, bone mass, and water content.

Body Fat Analyzer reliability

Body fat scales are not 100% accurate but they are good enough to measure body fat percentage at home. Several factors we mentioned below can affect the accuracy of the results.

  • What and when you had your last meal.
  • Is your body hydrated?
  • Your skin temperature
  • Is your feet’s clean?
  • Quality of body fat analyzer

Body fat analyzers may tell the total fat but it cannot tell us where the fat is distributed, whether the excess fat is in the abdominal area, hips or in the thighs.

Even with the best body fat scales, have a difference of about 3–5%.  If the body fat percentage is 25%, the real percentage may be actually 3–5% more or less.

But still, no doubt body fat analyzer is good for measuring many vital health statistics. They can help in planning your workout and shows the result of the hard work you gave while exercising.

Using body fat analyzer scales for good results

It is better to measure body fat percentage regularly. Personally, I use my body fat analyzer weekly and keep a record of it every time. For measuring you can follow the instruction given with your machine.

For measuring with body fat analyzer I follow the following steps.

  • Put the analyzer on leveled and hard floor.
  • Clean your feet and take steps with bare slightly humid feet on sensor pads of the analyzer. You must be centered on the analyzer with both feet in symmetric position.
  • It is not advisable to take the reading after the meal, exercise, alcohol, or after drinking a lot of water.
  • For more accuracy take a reading every week on a specific day and time. For example, I measure mine every Sunday at 5 pm.

What is the ideal healthy body fat percentage?

There is no specific value for ideal healthy body fat percentage for everyone. There are several factors which come in play to decide this individual ideal body fat percentage.

For example, younger people have a lower body fat percentage but as our age increases, fat percentage also increases. Ideal body fat percentage for men is considered to be 20 % while for women it may be 25%. Age and profession also change the value of an ideal body fat percentage.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has mentioned a chart which may help you.

Body Fat Percentage Categories by ACE

ClassificationWomen (%age Fat)    Men (%age Fat)
Essential Fat   10-12%   2-4%
Athletes14-20%   6-13%
Fitness 21-24%   14-17%
Acceptable25-31%   18-25%
Obese32% +   25% +

From the above chart, it is clear that women body fat is on the higher side than men. This is because of factors such as hormones, breasts, and metabolism in women. Body fat also depends upon the age of both men and women.

Our body contains three types of fat (1) under the skin (known as subcutaneous), (2) around the organs (visceral), and (3) in between muscles (intramuscular).

Without a healthy diet and exercise, and age progression the amount of visceral and intramuscular fats increases. The subcutaneous body fat may stay the same.

Losing weight by monitoring body fat

If you have a high body fat level, it is better to change your eating habits and start exercise. Cholesterols, change of metabolism, type II diabetes, and heart disease, hypertension are some of the common problems associated with high body fat.

Losing fat is a little difficult than losing overall weight. The deficit of 3500 calories could be able to lose one pound of fat over a week (body capacity of maximum limit in this regard 500 calories/day). It means you have to burn 500 more calories per day than you eat.

Eating healthy with regular cardiovascular exercise daily shall help to get your goal easily.

Who should not use body fat analyzer?

Most brands of body fat scales mention in their packaging about how to use and who should not use these machines

People who have pacemakers or with metal plates/screws in their bodies should not use Body Fat Analyzer Scales because of analyzers’ electrical current can interfere with the metals.

Many analyzers also mention that the readings may not be accurate for children, athletes, body-builders, and pregnancy.

Other ways to measure body fat    

Skinfold caliper

Skinfold Calipers are the cheapest method of measuring body fat at home yourself. In this method, you have to measure the fold in a pinch of skin on at least three spots on the body.

Then use the app or online calculators using those numbers to find body fat.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a simple calculation.  To calculate the BMI of a person height and weight is required.

BMI = kg/m2

Here kg is a person weight in kilograms and m2 is height in meter.

Ideal BMI for 18-64 years person range is 18 to 25.

 BMI less than 18 more than 25, is not good.

 The BMI of less than 18 means that person might be underweight and may be unhealthy.

And the BMI of more than 25 is obese.

However, BMI is also not an accurate measure to judge how fit you are. Your weight can fluctuate depending on how much you have eaten before you weigh.

Waist measurement

It is the easiest way to measure the level of fat in our body. Take a tape and measure the waist just above the belly button.

According to the World Health Organization, waist measurement for men 37 inches and for women 32 inches is considered perfect. 

But over 40 inches for men and over 35 inches for women may increase the health risk like increased risk of type-2 diabetes, and hypertension.

An apple-shaped body contains the visceral fat (around the organs) which is harmful and is always warning for the complexity of diseases.

DEXA scans Measurement

DEXA scan (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) method is an accurate method for measurement for body fat (visceral fat), lean and bone mass but is very costly. 

Professional (like athletes) uses this method. Visceral fat correlates to risk for hormonal imbalances and diseases.

DEXA scan involves a person lying on a table for a few quick and painless procedures. 

Hydrostatic weighing

Hydrostatic testing or hydrostatic underwater weighing is a method of determining body composition (body fat to lean mass).

A few years ago it was the well-known method to determine the fat in the body but the arrival of new technology has made it less popular now. It measures our total body density using Archimedes’ Principle of displacement.



Although body fat analyzers are a useful tool in measuring fat vs. lean mass, weight loss, and the quality of the instrument and how you use it to determine the accurate result.

Body fat is the major culprit related to health risks. Measuring body fat percentage helps you to plan your exercise routine and diet.

Body fat scales are a convenient and cheap way to monitor your health at home.

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