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Welcome to our best baby hat recommendation and buyers guide. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

Our buyer’s guide for the best baby hat, will make your purchase easier and help you find the best baby caps for you.

Also, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to the baby hat. Furthermore, there are some important aspects that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a baby cap.

Brief Summary 

Baby Hats help protect your baby from overcooling during the frosty season because most body heat is lost over the head.

Different materials have different thermal properties. The combination of wool and fleece ensures optimum protection against the cold.

There is a matching beanie for every purpose, whether it’s quick-drying and breathable for winter or warm and stylish for everyday wear.

Baby Hat Recommendations: Editors Favorites

Guozyun Baby cap

The baby hat for boys and girls by Guozyun has excellent quality. This beanie style hat is very efficient in protecting ears for little ones.

Above all, customers value the material, this baby hat is made of 100% high-quality cotton. This product comes in a pack of 5. 


This baby hat for the winter is made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic fiber. In addition, there is protection for ears and breathable material promises good heat-preservation

What the customers find to be of advantage is that the baby hat holds well even without straps, which is very convenient. The design is also very popular with customers, because there are a many different colors to choose from.

10 Best Baby Hats


Product Name



Guozyun Baby cap




Durio Knitted Baby Hats


Home Prefer Hats with Earflaps


Scarves Skull Caps




GERBER Baby Girls’ 5-Pack Caps


Tusong Winter Hat


Bienvenu Winter Hat Scarf Earflap Hood 


GERBER Baby Boys’ 5-Pack Caps

Buyers Guide for Best Baby Hat

As the name implies, a baby hat is suitable for newborns and children up to the age of five. Especially in the first months of life, babies should always wear a hat outdoors.

Babies are not able to properly regulate and maintain their body temperature. They are therefore dependent on special protection.

Since we humans lose the most heat from the head, the baby needs to cover the head.

A cap protects the little head from cooling down on colder days and reliably protects it from the sun in summer. The right baby hat keeps your body temperature stable.

What is the purpose of the baby cap?

Before you buy a baby hat, you should consider for what purpose you need a cap. Is a cheaper knit hat suitable for everyday use or something different for the winter?

For the latter, the materials of the cap must be breathable, water repellent and weatherproof to keep your baby’s head dry and warm.

Did you know that a good headgear is very important, especially for babies?

The baby’s head and face are particularly cold-sensitive. The head is proportionally larger than adults, losing more heat.

For baby hats for everyday use, you can create very different looks depending on the cap type: For a casual style, a cardigan with a cap or cap on the back of the head is ideal.

Caps with big pompons are always a real eye-catcher and give your child’s winter outfit a playful look.

How much is a baby cap?

The prices vary depending on the material, quality, and function of the baby hat. A simple knit or jersey baby hat is available for less than 10 dollars.

As shown in the ranking, you can also find well-reviewed, low-priced models with bobble or shield. For a price of 10-15 dollars, you even find a very trendy baby hat.

Type Price
Simple baby hat Less than 10 dollars
Baby hat with pompom between 10-15 dollars
Outdoor baby hat about 70 dollars
Designer baby hat more than 100 dollars

If you are looking for the cap to protect head and ears from frostbite in the extreme temperatures, then choose from special outdoor caps. An outdoor winter hat with fur lining can cost more than 70 dollars.

Things to consider in a baby hat

In the following, we show you the criteria by which you can compare and rate baby caps well.

The criteria that you can use to compare baby hats are:

  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Design
  • Material

Below you can read what the specific criteria are and why it makes sense for you to acquire a model based on the criteria or not.


A stretchy fabric can adapt to any head shape. Due to the material mix of wool and fleece, the cap is breathable and wicks away moisture. This is perfect for the winter.

Due to the soft, light materials like wool or felt, winter hats are super comfortable and very comfortable to wear.

In summer, you can choose a hat for your child, which is light and comfortable. Thus, you protect your baby from the sun with a light summer hat.

You must measure the head circumference of your baby correctly and buy a matching baby cap because the correct size will not slip down.


The baby hat sizes are based on the head circumference of the baby, which is measured over the ears. However, some manufacturers have given the minimum age in months instead of centimeters.

Age in months Head circumference in cm
1 35-37
2-4 38-40
5-6 42-44
6-12 44-46
12 46-48
24 48-50
36 50-54

The size chart is of course only a first indication. Since the baby caps are usually made of elastic material, a hundred percent fit is usually not required.


You can also select a baby hat according to your taste or occasion. If you are more into something simple, you can buy a monotonous baby hat or baby hat with less design.

But if you love a lot of colors, then you can choose from many creative and colorful baby hats available in the market. If you need baby caps for a special occasion, it’s important to see if you’re using a hat for winter or summer.

In cold days, the ears should be well protected, so that cold air cannot penetrate.

For the winter there are hats such as bobble hats. The pompom is either made of the same material as the rest of the cap or fur.


Depending on the purpose, there is a suitable material. In the table you can find the properties of the mentioned materials:

material properties
cotton Keeps only partially warm and is more suitable for the transitional period.
fleece Keeps you warm and feels very soft. It is also durable, breathable and dries quickly.
Wool Also keeps you warm, breathable and absorbs moisture without feeling damp.
polyester Usually only upper material to make a baby cap water and windproof.

FAQ related to baby hats

How can I design a baby cap by myself?

When choosing fabrics, use only non-toxic materials. As the baby’s skin and scalp are very sensitive, hats with polyester and other chemicals can cause allergy or rashes. 

Under no circumstances should the baby cap be too small or too tight – if it is too big, it can slide, restricting your child’s field of vision.

How do I care for a baby hat?

Depending on the material, the care may differ slightly. Here make sure to check the instructions on the care labels of the baby cap.

At lower temperatures and a gentle cycle for delicate textiles, nothing should happen to your baby cap when washing.

Especially for cashmere, it is particularly important: Only wash by gentle cycle or by hand wash.

Lukewarm water is enough and you should not soak the baby cap or rub too hard. Most baby caps can easily be washed at 40 ° C.

Why does the hair always electrify when putting on a cap?

This is due to several factors:

  • In the cold season, the hair loses moisture and becomes drier.
  • The material of the baby cap can favor the charging: This happens especially with synthetic fibers.
  • If your comb or brush is made of plastic, you should replace it with a comb of rubber or wood.

With additional moisturizer and the listed points, you can counteract the charging of the hair.