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Generally used for creative purposes, or simply in decoration applications, the adhesive magnetic sheet is a sheet provided with a magnetized rubber face enabling it to be fixed on a support, generally of a metallic or ferrous nature. As for the other side, there are several possibilities. This is why there are several types of magnetic sheets: printable magnetic sheets, raw, erasable, and adhesive.

What is an adhesive magnetic sheet?

Ideal for making even photo magnets, the adhesive magnetic sheet has in addition to its magnetized face, a self-adhesive coating covered with a thin plastic film.

It comes in several formats, ranging from the smallest format, A3, A4, to the roll format sold in meters. Depending on the degree of adhesion desired, the adhesive magnetic sheet can be very thin and flexible. Also, it can be thicker and thus benefit from a higher degree of adhesion, often used to stick it on a car.

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How to make your own photo magnet?

No need to continue to spend your money in magnets commercial photos, thanks to adhesive magnetic sheets, it became a breeze to do them yourself.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Buy a thin adhesive magnetic sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm.
  • Carefully remove the plastic film covering the self-adhesive side.
  • Paste the photo on the adhesive side.
  • Cut the sheet with a cutter according to the desired shape, taking care not to damage it.
  • Attach the magnetized side to your refrigerator, and you’re done.

What are the advantages of the adhesive magnetic sheet?

  • The possibility of making our imagination work: according to the tastes and the desired appearance. We can give way to our inventive spirit to bring our personal touch to our decor.
  • Save money: Since developing your own photo magnets is still less expensive than buying commercial magnets.