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Bathtub size plays an important role in planning bathroom layout because it occupies 30% of the bathroom area. As bathrooms tend to have limited size, careful planning in the bathroom is required to make use of the maximum space. Whether you are renovating your existing bathroom or planning to build new, it all starts with efficient planning.

In this post, there are simple steps to measure existing bathtub size. We have also mentioned standard bathtub size of the different styles of bathtub in the market. 

Quick Answer: Standard Bathtub size

  • Alcove standard bathtub size: 60 inches length, 32 inches width, 18 inches height. 
  • Oval standard bathtub size: 60 inches length, 41 inches width, 24 inches height.
  • Whirlpool standard bathtub size: 60 inches length, 32 inches width, 18 inches height. 
  • Corner standard bathtub size: 60 inches length, 60 inches width, 22 inches height.

Bathtub Size Guide

Bathtubs comes in different styles which have their own pros and cons. Before installing bathtub, important step is to measure the available area for bathtub in your bathroom. Most standard bathtub size are mentioned below which can help you while selecting your bathtub.

How to measure the size of the bathtub?

If you are planning to replace existing bathtub then it’s better to take its measurement first. Your existing bathtub size can help you to choose new with similar size for easy installation.

The first step is to make sure you measure from the edges of the wall.

Measure the distance from the left side to the right side of the bathtub. Make sure your measurements are from the furthest points. Similarly, repeat this from the front wall to the back wall of the tub to measure the length of the tub.

For the height of the tub, measure the top part of the tub to the floor of the bathroom. This will include the feet. While measuring make sure to keep enough space for installing any surround.

The standard size of Alcove bathtubs

Alcove tubs are the most common style of bathtubs. They are affordable, easy to install and most sought after for small size bathrooms. Alcove bathtubs are enclosed within 3 walls of the bathroom. Typically 2 walls of bathroom work as front and back side of the bathtub and 1 wall as the side of the bathtub. One side is open for entering and exiting the tub. They are most popular in the narrow bathroom.

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Alcove tubs come in small, medium and large bathtub size.

  • Small alcove tubs: 54” length, 30” width, 15” height.
  • Medium alcove tubs: 60” length, 32” width, 18” height.
  • Large alcove tubs: 72” length, 36” width, 20” height.

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The standard size of Oval bathtubs

Oval shaped bathtubs are wider in size and provide aesthetic appeal in the bathroom. They come in two styles such as freestanding and drop-in bathtubs.

If you planning to have a drop-in oval bathtub then make sure about the space required for the frame. The frame is kind of shell in floor or platform where the tub is placed.

For more details read our complete guide about bathtubs here.

Standard oval bathtub size: 60” length, 41” width, 24” height.

The standard size of Whirlpool bathtubs

Whirlpool bathtubs have the latest innovative technology to give a relaxing and therapeutic bath. These tubs are made from vacuum-formed acrylic sheets that are reinforced with fiberglass. The acrylic shell provides enough interior space for hiding the tubes for the jets and the pump unit.

Whirlpool tubs are available in the Six-foot rectangular Standard sizes as well as Standard high-sided whirlpool walk-in tubs. In many cases, these tubs are found in Standard alcove-ready sizes.

Standard whirlpool bathtub size: 60” length, 32-36” width, 18-24” height.

The standard size of corner bathtubs

This Bathtub is installed in the corner of the bathroom to save space and well suited to small as well as large homes bathrooms. This bathtub is not the triangular shape but in a square shape having two unfinished sides that fit up against walls. Corner bathtubs are more about luxury and fun. These are ideal for de-stress, meditation, and calming soaks.

Standard Size (Medium size): 60” length, 60” width, 22” height.

The Standard Small Size: 48” length, 48” width, 18” height.

Standard large Size: 72” length, 72” width, 22” height.

The standard size of angled freestanding bathtubs

In the angled freestanding tub, one end is higher than the other end.  The higher end provides support for neck and head while you have a relaxing bath. You can find Angled tubs in various styles and sizes. Angled tubs are very flexible in terms of style. You can go for traditional accessories or sleek modern design.

These tubs are available in the market in various types like Oval Free Standing, Rectangle Free Standing, Pedestal Free Standing, and Clawfoot freestanding tubs. Oval and Rectangle bathtubs standard width is varied because of its styles.

Standard bathtub size for freestanding 

The Standard Size (Medium size): 60” length, 30” width, 20” height.

Standard Small Size: 54” length, 24” width, 16” height.

Standard large Size: 72” length, 32” width, 20” height.

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The standard size of walk-in bathtubs

The walk-in Bathtubs are the great option for an individual with mobility issues, senior residents and wheeled chaired individuals.  A walk in bathtub has a swinging door, for easy accessibility and a safer bath.

These tubs are also available in the market with the large, medium, small Standard sizes depth is more or less the same, around 30 inches.

Standard bathtub size for walk-in bathtubs

The Standard Size (Medium size): 60” length, 30” width, 30” height.

Standard Small Size: 48” length, 28” width, 30” height.

Standard large Size: 72” length, 36” width, 30” height.

Frequently asked questions

What is a standard-size bathtub?

Some standard tubs have external dimensions of between 60 inches and 72 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 16 to 18 inches high. To determine whether a large or oversize tub is the best choice for you, consider your ideal tub measurements, which are between 60 and 72 inches long. Shoppers over six feet should plan to purchase a large tub for maximum comfort.

What is a good size for a bathtub?

A standard alcove tub (60 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 18 inches deep) is suitable for most bathrooms.

Why are bathtubs so small?

Architects and engineers normally make an effort to maximize the square feet of a dwelling because this aspect is very valuable. The reduction in the size of a bathtub, for example, creates the sensation of more space, allowing other areas of the house to be highlighted for a higher price.

What size is a small bathtub?

For a bathtub with an alcove or drop-in configuration, the standard size is usually 48 inches in length, with a diameter of 30 to 32 inches. A freestanding bathtub lets you adjust the dimensions, which can be shrunk by a few inches if necessary.

What is the most comfortable bath shape?

An oval-shaped bath, as opposed to a bowl-shaped or square bath, has reclined lumbar angles that help you relax while you soak. These reclining angles offer additional support and ease for your back, no matter the tub’s location.

How long do acrylic tubs last?

Acrylic bathtubs can be easily installed and can last 10-15 years.

Are small bathtubs worth it?

Although more compact bathtubs make it possible for you to figure out how to apply space more effectively, they also offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy a pleasant bath. Small tubs prove that small tubs don’t have to look inadequate, either.


The standard length of almost all the various style bathtubs is 60 inches for standard medium size bathtubs, 48-54 inches for small standard tubs and 72 inches for larger standard tubs.

Width and depth may be changed accordingly by various style and manufacturers. At last, I would like to say that the most common prevailing standard dimension is 60 inches in length, 30-32 inches width, and 16-30 inches depth.

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