We love getting our knees in the soil. We love the challenge of growing herbs, nurturing our flowers and in the end having a perfect drink while relaxing in garden. Here you will find 10 unique and useful garden gifts and quality options below like a root slayer shovel, a kink proof hose and a solar powered hydroponic grow box.

Self Watering Planter for Vertical Gardens

  • Makes a perfect window box for dazzling neighbors with vivacious flowers
  • Convenient water level indicator – so you won’t water too much, or too little
  • Tasty fresh herbs & edibles straight to your plate – no growing stale in a delivery truck
  • Easy to use self-watering planter – fill the reservoir, & BloomWall takes care of the rest
  • The decorative planters stack easily on top of each other – bring vibrant color to a bare wall
  • Certainly one of the perfect garden gifts

Plant Terrarium Container 

Plant Terrarium makes a great gift. Perfect indoor planter for the office desk or an apartment. Approximate Dimensions: 9.5″L x 5.5″W x 10.5″H.

  • Entire glass top or house lifts off for easy care and planting
  • Metal powder coated tray comes with a plastic liner
  • Tray is approximately 2 inches inches deep the perfect depth for small plants
  • Metal ledges along the side of tray for glass top to set
  • A terrarium can be your connection with nature
  • Professionally printed planting brochure included with each terrarium

Ergonomic Round Point Shovel

You can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can redesign the shovel as seen with the ergonomic shovel. This revolutionary shovel design was built with proper body mechanics in mind, so you can shovel easier and suffer less back pain afterwards.

  • BENEFITS – Improves digging power, lift and pitch while reducing stresses and strains. The handle allows the user to maintain a more upright posture, reducing fatigue and stress on the lower back, and increasing efficiency.
  • USES – Ideal for moving lose material, shaping beds, mixing concrete, leveling and scraping, digging holes, and planting trees or shrubs for any work site, home, or garden.
  • perfect gift

Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper, Insect Killer & LED Garden Lamp 

Keep flies, mosquitoes and more at bay.

Few things ruin the perfect summer evening more than a swarm of pesky flying insects. And the incessant scratching of those that are sweet blooded and already mosquito bitten doesn’t help either. This bug zapper from Sandalwood Outdoors is an ideal solution for such situations. With an ultraviolet lamp at the center, it attracts flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects, and its electric field then instantly zaps them. As mosquitoes are arguably the peskiest of all, the lamp attracts them by emitting an optimal 365 nanometer wavelength. It features an easy, clean solution for bug removal via the tray at the bottom of the device. As well, it conveniently has a range of over 3000 square feet.

  • perfect gift

50 Plant Organic Container Garden

Grow 50 plants in just 4 square feet — from almost anywhere.

The moment a person begins growing some of their own food organically they are closer to a healthier life and contributing to a more resilient system of agriculture. For many people in many different environments around the world, the Garden Tower 2 is a very nice solution to make growing a significant amount of organic product achievable in an otherwise unproductive space.

  • perfect gift

Garden Knife

  • Full tang makes the knife long lasting and strong
  • Protective handguard makes your hand safe
  • Delicate package box, a best gift for anyone who loves gardening
  • 12” full length, 7” blade length, 420 stainless steel blade
  • 2 working edges: a sharp serrated edge and a sharp smooth edge
  • Wooden handle helps to reduce hand fatigue
  • Gradation marks offer easy depth measurement
  • Leather sheath and hang hole for easy storage
  • perfect gift

Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Alotpower Water Monitor Humidity Plant Tester, Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for Garden, Farm, Lawn, Indoor & Outdoor Use  Tips and Advice  1. Use the cloth to clean probe so that keep clean and dry and then use.  1. Don’t touch the stone or hard objects since it will be easy to damage the probe.  2. Can’t test the soil for a long time, in case it may damage probe.  3. Don’t use it to test rigid ground or floor.  4. Don’t touch fire and stay away from children.  5. Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use.  6.Do not put it into water for testing. 

  • perfect gift

Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel

Tough Job? Tough Shovel.

Some jobs are so challenging you feel like you need a whole crew with specialized tools to attack them. These large Norway Maple roots were dug from an actual driveway edge garden. The ripsaw teeth cut through the largest roots with a kick-sawing motion. Anything smaller than 1.5″ can be severed in a single plunge with the inverted V cutting blade tip. People have shared stories describing many applications for the Root Slayer Shovel, including metal detecting and yamdori bonsai collecting.

  • perfect gift

Kink Proof Garden Hose 

Kink Free

Helix wrap provides crush, kink and abrasion protection.

Maximum Flow

Precision full flow brass fittings are crush resistant and wrench-friendly.

Easy Handling

Maintains flexibility in extreme temperatures and coils easily.

Professional Grade

Unique extruded 3-layer design Woven fiber core for strength.

  • perfect gift

City Pickers Spud Tub Potato Grow Kit

  • LARGE POTATO PLANTER – Grow multiple seeds potatoes in one Spud Tub! The Spud Tub has a 17.5 gallon capacity that allows the user to grow 30+ potatoes in one harvest from the comfort of your patio! Easy to follow instructions make growing a breeze!
  • IRRIGATION SYSTEM – The Spud Tub comes with an irrigation tower to deliver water directly to seed potato roots and promote healthy growth!
  • DRAINAGE & AERATION SYSTEM – Aeration holes on the sides of the Spud Tub and larger drainage holes on the bottom help prevent mold and root rot. Grow your potatoes in healthy, well-drained, and non-soggy soil!
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – The Spud Tub will last you through multiple potato crops and growing seasons. The sturdy, UV-protected resin container won’t rip like a potato bag and produces superior yields!
  • NO DIGGING – When you’re ready to harvest your potato crop, simply tip the container on its side. There’s no need for messy digging. Harvest your potatoes and replant for another large crop!
  • Certainly one of the best garden gifts